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  1. I'm not skilled enough to care about the small details or possibilities of whether it will help me having the flag in or out. I go the way that's most saving time, lazy man's approach when I'm playing by myself, so, in. When paired up in a group, however the group wanna handle it is all fine.
  2. I'd find a replacement, especially now that we can all see that your driver is not a current model, so, it be pretty easy to find the same or a more recent driver to replace your dented one. Last, but not least, don't lend your stuff to your friends!
  3. Don't matter to me... if I'm playing by myself, I'd usually just leave it in too "speed" things up (I know, a couple of seconds, what's the difference?... ok, maybe just being lazy?).
  4. I see & understand your point, but I don't believe you can expect all companies to follow thru. I never used Skycaddie because you got to pay/subscribe. Why would I do this when there are many other options (devices) that are subscription free or I can go the laser range finder route. So, at the beginning, for whatever reasons, you decided that paying subscription for your device was worth it... them not handing out some sort of relief due to the pandemic, will it be enough for you not to re-new when it expires?
  5. I've been recommended by 3 different fitters to be at 44"... so, I've played at this length, but lately, I like to be around 44 1/4" to 44 1/2", but it don't really matter... I don't play often enough & I'm just too damn inconsistent... how sad!
  6. Plain & simple, if no budget, clicgear is the way to go.
  7. Howard Jones club face photo should be enough of a guide to follow thru with your grip installation... the photo indicates what would be a square club face, with the red line as a guide of what to look for. Now, how you prefer to install the grip, is your individual choice...
  8. 100% agreed with above... & to finish off, man, do I "dislike" polyester. A "snag" on the fabric &u can basically be annoyed, knowing that it can't be fixing & most likely, it'll just get worse!
  9. I need to go on a vacation & play courses I've never played before, by myself. I guaranteed I can lose at least 18 brand new golf balls (that's a box & a half already!) without even trying to take crazy shots per golf outing/play day... Op, that's probably what u gotta do, unless u are really accurate & have no problems keeping your shots in play.
  10. Playing a round will always beat out watching professionals play (watching will wear out it's awe factor after 5 mins. or so).
  11. I like to buy my own golf stuff, so, I'd go for hard cash, golf store gift card or those gift cards that are linked/associated with/thru credit cards.
  12. With ball marker, I'd be afraid that a custom made one will get lost, so I just use a quarter/25 cents or the ball marker button one gets from footjoy golf glove. Bag tag, nothing special, just a "cheapy", small, clear see thru plastic travel bag name tag luggage... God knows the fortune I've spent on this hobby.
  13. U got some awesome photos there... I'm glad that u got a chance to relax & de-compress for a bit. Have a great holiday & happy new year!
  14. Just golf, nothing else, works for me, so definatelly #1 for me!
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