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  1. I like the rounded leading edge and overall shape. I picked up glide 3.0's for this season and have been loving them, from the pics the overall shape at adress looks to be very similar.
  2. they are not considered waterproof shoes by FJ. Wet grass won’t damage them, but the shoe will need to be cared for properly. If you use water resistant products on the shoe, including the sole, your feet should stay dry.
  3. One2one no longer will ship overseas, so you would need a connection in Japan to ship them for you.
  4. Looking for a 23* hybrid, preferably a titleist with a stiff flex graphite shaft.
  5. Looking for a ping hoofer or hoofer lite, the current model in like new or new condition. Anyone have a hookup?
  6. Looking for tour velvet BCT cord grips in Midsize. I don’t need a full set, please PM me if you have any.
  7. Fujikura Ventus black 6x It is tipped 1” and measures 42.5” from tip to butt of grip. The grip is a Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT cord, midsize in very good condition. $old
  8. Looking for a ventus black 6x that will play 45” and 0-.5” tipping at max. adapter is not important.
  9. First item is a ventus red 7X $old Next item is a set of Nippon Modus3 125X 6-pw shafts which were pulled from Taylormade blades playing 1/2” long. Picture shows raw lengths from tip to butt of shaft. $old
  10. Up for sale is the Dustin Johnson Fujikura driver shaft. Fujikura speeder 661 evolution 2.0 tour spec x flex. Callaway tip, plays 45” in a Mavrik head. 44 3/8” from tip to end of grip. Tour Velvet BCT built up 4 wraps in excellent condition. $old
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