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  1. Looking for tour velvet cord/BCT 58 ribbed grips. Preferably new. Thank you.
  2. I recently picked up a set of the RAC wedges along with the full mb iron set. The grooves do not conform, atleast the irons dont from what i remember.
  3. Lol, that was a typo, but I’ve been on the lookout for a black with copper insert bb16. Wish I never sold the one I had in high school. Too funny! The putter I picked up is a bb8, silver with copper insert.
  4. What’s the tour issue kink? I had one a while ago, and last year I picked one up in descent condition and ended up having a great putting year. Curious what it’s about?
  5. Recently picked up a few classic putters from the early 2000’s. First is a bettinardi bb8 with copper insert in excellent condition. The other is an original Cameron Futura with baby T red grip. Condition is good enough to be a potential gamer. Will upload some pics later!
  6. Looking for a set of pulls in good condition. 3-pw
  7. Looking for a set of taylornade RAC Mb coin forged irons, head only or x100.
  8. These haven’t been in stock for a while, looking if anyone knows where to find some!
  9. Selling a excellent condition TSi3 9* head only, with head cover. $300 shipped east coast, add $5 west of the Mississippi. I can send it out today.
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