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  1. Motore Speeder VC 7.2 x flex, preferably with a titleist tip.
  2. Up for sale is a Mavrik Sub Zero 9.0 head only. Condition would be very good overall, has no noticeable sky marks or chips from the address position, a few minor nicks or smudges that can be spotted up close. The bottom of the head has normal brush marks. Pictures should show plenty of detail. $old
  3. Looking for a new or like new jet black sm8 60.12 D grind wedge. Shaft is not important.
  4. Up for sale is a 60 degree SM8 low bounce K grind wedgeworks. The bounce is 6 degrees. The finish is raw which has a very nice patina too it. Plenty of life left in the grooves, the picture of the face should show plenty of detail in regards to the grooves. It has a dynamic gold S400, TV cord grip built up +4 wraps. Length measures at 35.75”, standard loft, 1 degree flat. price shipped is $old
  5. After trying it out on my putting mat I really like the Ultimate for how I grip the putter, which is a claw variation. I have actually been messing around with my right hand claw, with a smaller pistol style grip it always felt a bit weird using the claw with my ring and pinky finger having little to no contact with the grip. So I have been messing around with dropping those two fingers behind the grip. Not exactly a pencil grip but a combination of the two I guess??? More of chopsticks style grip imo, if that's a thing. Both variations of the claw that I have been using feel comfortable with
  6. I recently picked up a Garsen Ultimate grip to try on my spider mini as it supposably popular with claw grip players. It weighs 27 grams lighter than the SS pistol GTR 1.0 that came with it. Now to wait for the grip solvent to dry.
  7. I’ve never been to Japan, and it seems like they have some really nice courses. I might have to go with 6 clubs in the bag and come back with 14!
  8. probably miura North America putting a stop to that as it says they won’t ship miura giken overseas. I’m very disappointed to hear this as I love my set of Miura irons I got from One2One.
  9. One item up for grabs today. An excellent condition 10.5 SIM driver head by TaylorMade. The club face has seen very few golf balls and the condition shows. Head cover in excellent condition is included. $old
  10. I was able to get on a gc quad and my attack angle was right around 0. I was working with a teaching pro and we were working on a few things to shallow out attack. But I honesty think the trackman is not as accurate in terms of club head data.
  11. TXG always has some great videos, interesting to see how just changing the driver head effected spin so much. So it seems CG low and closer to the face reduces spin and launch... so the TSi3 is the lower spinning model of the new Titleist drivers?
  12. Just one item for sale today. Atmos Black Tour Spec 7x driver shaft in excellent condition with a TaylorMade tip. In a SIM head the shaft plays 45”. The grip is a New decade multi compound. $old shipped via UPS
  13. I just stated my opinion that I think with a $200,000 first place prize that there should be one set of tee markers for Pro's and one for amatuers. You seem to be the one whining about what I said. Sorry you don't agree with me.
  14. Considering a $200,000+ first place prize, I'd hope they all play from the same tees, or one set of tees for the Professionals and another for the non pro. If someone is too young or too old to compete with the field based on distance, then they shouldn't have entered to play.
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