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  1. Here is a multi page thread about the driver. I have one myself. Knocked the Sim out of my bag fwiw.https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1830775/pxg-0811-x-prototype-round-1/p1
  2. What size Claw Glove would you like to win? Left hand medium cadetWhat is your current golf glove? Footjoy Stay SoftHow often do you replace your current glove? 4-6 weeks depending on range timeWhat would you want to improve with your current golf glove? Maintain feel with increased durability. I use full cord grips.
  3. I bought a putter two weeks ago and it was three days from the east coast to New Mexico. Same travel time for a 3 wood from Minnesota.
  4. I pulled to the golf course today in a Honda Odyssey with 8 PXG clubs in the bag.
  5. Spring of 19 I started with driver, 3 wood, 19’ hybrid and the irons started with a 4. In my younger years I could hit a 2 and 3 iron. The two left the bag and so did the three. I tried a few hybrids at 19 and the left miss was common. At the time last year I was playing a Ping G Hybrid and I was done with it. I got a Callaway Rogue 5 wood to match match my 3 and it isn’t going anywhere. I hit it higher and I am not afraid of a massive hook. I did add a 22’ hybrid this year to replace the 4 iron. I was happy with the driver and irons so I decided to give the PXG hybrid a shot. So far
  6. The 5 wood just sits there now. The 3 wood is for 235+ and the hybrid 200-215. There is two par 5’s at my primary course I can use it on the second shot depending on my drive. It can come in handy for long par 3’s. Before the PXG 22 I used it a lot more. I had given up on 19’ hybrids and put the 5 wood back in the bag. I like the high ball flight without the thought of hooking it ob when I need to jump on one. I can still hit a 4 iron, but not as confident as I was even 3 years ago. After having good luck with the irons and driver I got the 22 and the head and shaft just work. I can
  7. I am content. Everything is new this year besides the 3 & 5 Rogue fairway metals. I love the driver and irons. I found a hybrid I don’t hook into like Ian Baker Finch on 1 at St. Andrews. Putter is working and the wedges are in the honeymoon phase.
  8. It is a company wide policy now for Dick’s/Golf Galaxy. Many instances of theft, damaged clubs, hitting bay being the arcade for the kids while parents shop and people getting hurt while screwing around. Also people demo clubs and get fitted to go buy the clubs elsewhere. As a former manager at a Dick’s l can’t say I blame them. If a customer does buy they get the fitting charge refunded.
  9. I ended last year with a Callaway driver, Callaway 3&5 fairway and Callaway 4-PW. Titleist was in the bag with four clubs with three Vokeyss and a Cameron for two brands total. Currently I have nine PXG clubs, two Callaway, two TaylorMade and one Bettinardi. The only holdovers are the Rogue fairway woods. I tried out the PXG irons and liked them so much I got the driver and 22’ hybrid which are winners for me. The Vokey wedges were getting replaced as they were in the bag for three years and I decided to give the MG2 a try. Putters can change on a whim. Until this year Callaway and or
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