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  1. Gamed RTX4 last year and thought they were great wedges. Anyone seen any noticeable improvement going to zipcores?
  2. My vote would be for Birmingham if it is to be strictly a golf trip. Outside of the RTJ courses (Ross Bridge/Oxmoor) it is a quick drive to Farm Links and Bent Brook which are both worth the drive imo.
  3. Looking at the possibility of planning a 3-4 day trip to Charleston area in early March of 2021 with a group consisting of roughly 10. Would like to play one of the Kiawah courses but not sure if we should stay on the island for a night or two just to get a discounted rate for golf. Currently just planning on getting an Airbnb in Charleston and playing golf 3 days. Suggestions?
  4. I think I have it narrowed down to 4 courses: University Club, Kearney Hill, Griffin Gate, and Cherry Blossom. Not sure we will end up playing all four but these seem the nicer options in the area. Also, we'll probably end up renting a house north of town due to the courses all being that direction.
  5. Looking at the possibility of making a trip to central Kentucky in 2021 for a bachelor trip and didn't know if anyone had any suggestions on what areas to focus on for golf within close proximity to bourbon distilleries?
  6. There's plenty of good golf on the MS gulf coast.
  7. I normally play the xv, but just picked up 2 dozen of the reg z star. I think the additional spin will help with irons and wedges. Driver swing speed is 115ish on average so I shouldn't see much of a drop of distance wise I wouldn't think.
  8. KH, my in-laws live right around the corner from there and I've never heard of it! Need to come check it out soon.
  9. Bring your clubs. We play all Summer long here, but if I had to choose between those two months I'm going with July. August has the tendency to be REALLY hot.
  10. I'd love to be able to join Legends, just don't think I'm willing to spend that kind of money to fight traffic during the week currently. Really would like to find somewhere with a younger group for a weekly money game like already mentioned. In the meantime let's get together and play soon!
  11. They renovated/removed several of the bunker complexes throughout the course. I believe the assistant told me it was north of a million dollar undertaking. Greens are in phenomenal shape right now though.
  12. Fairly certain that it's 12 months for the membership. The good thing about the membership is that it covers both green fees and cart fees, along with unlimited range balls. I'm 29 and not sure I'd be willing to drive 30+ minutes or pay more for a more "exclusive" membership elsewhere.
  13. Yes, I'm aware 11 and 12 are still currently being renovated. I played there last weekend and I like the updates they made to the course. What do you dislike about the practice areas? They have a decent range, practice greens and chipping area.
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