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  1. Just got back from Bandon. We had Ryan Hall as our caddie. He started off using my rangefinder, but had trouble getting it to read the pin (don't ask my why as it seems easy to me). So he just used the yardage markers and his knowledge of the pins to give me good distances. And considering the conditions (rain and wind), we couldn't pin seek so general yardages worked fine. The other caddies either did the same or had their own. Next trip, I'll leave it at home!
  2. I have also very much enjoyed your posts. I and my friends are making our first trip to Bandon on Sep 7. Some days I can hardly work as I dream about the trip! Love your pics and detailed descriptions of your experience. I find them much more genuine than some of the professional bloggers out there. What camera did you use for your photos? They look great! I was thinking of taking something with an optical zoom so that I'd have perspectives from something besides my phone.
  3. Loving your posts! I'm there in 2 weeks. Can barely stand it!
  4. Thanks for the great info! We get there Sep 7. Sep 7 arrive, play preserve in PM Sep 8: Pacific Dunes morning; Bandon Trails PM Sep 9: Bandon Dunes morning; Bandon Trails PM Sep 10: Old Mac morning; Bandon/Pacific Dunes PM Sep 11: Preserve AM, return.
  5. We are making our first pilgrimage to Bandon in a couple weeks. We opted to go with the full experience and getting caddies for each of our rounds. A question for those that have been there: Do you think we still need GPS/range finders even with caddies? Most phones or handheld GPS devices won't hold a charge for 36 holes so wondering how accurate the caddies' ranges are.
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