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  1. Don't you know? It's never the swing. Only the clubs.
  2. I went full ZX5 with the Modus 105. After playing several rounds I am glad I did not combo. I have hit some pretty off center shots with the ZX5 short irons and they still made it to the green. They are not too bulky either, can hit great little half shots with the PW.
  3. I remember seeing somewhere the Z Stars are only made in Japan, but some XV production is done Indonesia I think which may possibly lead to quality control issues.
  4. I bought a sleeve of each since purchasing my ZX5s to try them out. XV was good, but I am really impressed with the spin I get with chips and partial wedges that the Z-star has...noticeably more than the XV.
  5. Any ZX5 users have the set gap wedge? Debating getting the set gap or a 48 deg. specialty wedge like the RTX. Current 50deg wedge has too big of a gap between the ZX5 PW.
  6. Well looks like I am keeping the ZX5 Utry set from global golf. Went for a fitting at fairways and greens in Knoxville and the clubs I wanted to try (P790, P770, and Apex Pros) could not best them. Feel good about the stock Modus 105s in them too because that was a top 3 shaft recommended for me on the Mizuno shaft optimizer thing.
  7. If someone else refers someone to an 8 year old post and tells them to necro it instead, then they should be shamed by the community.
  8. Rotating the clubface open spells disaster for most people because you have to rotate through impact and your timing has to be perfect to play good golf. I have done it for years now and it is a monster trying to learn to not roll my forearms during the takeaway.
  9. Monte teaches this too in his Use the Bounce series. Holding the face open all the way through is only a specialty shot for very short sided situations. For a basic bunker shot you don't need to swing differently, just some setup changes.
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