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  1. Absolutely will update you guys! Thanks for all the kind words and insight!
  2. Oh no I appreciate your response. I've played Harding. I got the invite to Lake Merced so it's booked I was just curious how it stacks up. Sadly I don't have a way on to cal club or SFGC but I've played Pasa and Harding many times. Love Pasa. Looking forward to Lake Merced
  3. Sadly I'm aware of Rees' changes. I hear Hanse is doing some work on it in the near future so hopefully he can restore a bit
  4. Hey man appreciate the insight! In terms of green speed, do they compare to something along the lines of Pasa? Or more Harding? I love fast greens
  5. I appreciate the response! I'm excited to knock it off the list
  6. So I'm making my way back to my home town of CA next month and was graciously offered reciprocity from Lake Merced. I have played Harding Park plenty and I just wanted to know how Lake Merced compares? I couldn't get on Cal Club or Olympic but Lake Merced could not have been more accommodating. Just looking for opinions on the course and how it stacks up? Thanks!
  7. Lol okay my bad. For calling the courses wrong. Buuuuut to be fair I hate when people say Cali when I tell them I'm from California so touche
  8. Thanks everyone. It's once in a life time, I'm doing it all. I have a good job but still on a budget, but this is once in a lifetime. Luckily I'm single, no kids and no debt, you guys have convinced me. we're doing the original 18 at hollow and East and west same day at the foot. Done deal. Thanks guys
  9. @Schley I was just informed accompanied at WF guest fee is $225.....that is extremely doable. I appreciate your input sir. Sleepy Hollow is $125 accompanied. Seems more than doable. Sorry I guess I just didn't have all the info. Thanks again
  10. Appreciate the reply. Yes my host will be playing with me at both courses. Which he informed me significantly reduces green fee. I think worst case I at least play Sleepy Hollow. And look into budget for WF. Thank you for your honest feedback
  11. No no not at all. I'm a 26 year old avid golfer on a budget. As I just started my career in marketing. This will be my vacation, I just need to save up. Sleepy hollow will be no prob with the guest fee. I just know winged foot is a bit pricier. I'll be flying from Dallas and the flights are extremely affordable. I guess my question is, do I just go all out and play 36 at winged foot. I know it's so prestigious. I just wanted some insight. Sorry if this seemed douchey
  12. So I befriended a very generous gentleman who has offered to let me be his guest at both Sleepy Hollow and play both courses at the Foot in October. This is an opportunity I can't pass up right? Any thoughts on The Foot from anyone that's played it?
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