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  1. Just bought some AP3’s. Stoked!
  2. Thanks for the response. I rarely hear people talking about or playing the M5’s.
  3. Anyone have any experience with the M5 irons?
  4. Good points. Just looking for some advice on which models to test.
  5. Appreciate the response. Do you play these irons?
  6. Looking for some advice here. I’ve played Adams A7 irons for a few year now. I’m currently a mid-handicap. Just looking for some suggestions for a new set of irons. I love the traditional look in thin top line on the A7’s. I’m thinking of the P7900’s or AP3’s. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  7. Appreciate the responses, but I for some reason, I can’t select “Deals, Proshops, Bargains” on my phone?
  8. Just looking for some pointers or tips on how to search the classified section. I’m using an iPhone XR. Thanks
  9. Appreciate the responses Fellas. Thanks
  10. Okay. Installed some on my irons about three weeks ago and I am regretting it big time! They super tacky, but hard. If I build them up with some tape, will that create a cushion or just make them bigger?
  11. Not disputing your point, nor am I ever going to claim S&T is the solution. Just sharing that for some amateurs (older Guys like me) it has potential to be beneficial. As mentioned earlier whatever swing method that works for an individual in becoming more consistent and confident.
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