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  1. Poking around last night, seems a couple of reasonable winter options. The 3 day camp at World Golf Village and also a Freedom Golf School at Innisbrook. (Haven't checked availability). Has anyone done either? Thanks
  2. Our #2 will play from 185-210 depending on pin and where the tee's are. I usually hit 7w off there and aim right of pin usually as there is a nasty set of tree's and a wandering creek that is woefully unforgiving on the left and OB on the right. Many a time all 4 will go left and taking a drop. If I aim right of pin and lay up, I keep my ball in play 95% of time now! Sometimes, nice roll onto the green too.
  3. Looking at the great Golf WRX masterminds. I had hoped to do a Pinehurst Golf Academy weekend camp later this year, either fall or their evergreen, however by the time I knew when I had time out and the ability to do it, they are full for the rest of 2021. No 2022 dates listed yet. I'm in GA so Florida/Gulf coast all work too, are there any suggestions for a long weekend camp/academy that folks recommend? High handicapper (24) and looking for an active few days but with golf rounds in as well. Thanks.
  4. Same here, member of a Clubcorp in NW Atlanta. They have had some members tournaments but not back-to-back weekends, and generally you can get out in the afternoon. They did shut down the club for Member-Guest (3 days) but that's the first time I noticed it. The Tee sheets are a lot busier but I've always gotten out one way or another. There is pressure on the southern Clubcorp clubs to try to overcompensate for the northern/western clubs that had to close in the covid wave.
  5. I had a Costco Caddytek special but left it on a tee box and was never seen again. I then bought a cheapo Amazon special ~$80. (GoGoSport) that works ok. I call it the "Never Same Distance Twice" as it'll vary by a yard or two but Ok with that for me. :-)
  6. The course has a rather nice aerial (drone) video of each hole. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly26cyWLCn4&feature=youtu.be
  7. West of West Cobb has great schools too, think Ford ES, Harrison HS etc. The local clubs are Brookstone and BentWater (Marietta CC isn't that far either!). We've been social members of Brookstone for a couple of years and happy there. Kids love it in the summer. They were bought by CLubCorp last year, Phase 1 of the club refurb is open now and the lot should be done by end of the year. We migrated to full golf recently. I'm a returning beginner after a 30 yr gap and so I enjoy my time on their course, but can't really compare yet.
  8. > @TheRatt87 said: > (Quote) > My guess is that ClubCorp will convert any fine dining area at Brookstone into upscale casual dining (they've done this quite well at other clubs), add outdoor patio dining if it doesn't already exist, and if it is available, convert some clubhouse space to a fitness center. They indeed are refurbishing and Phase 1 is close to completion and they adding a small gym. The Bar area looks nice and so offers good potential. We've been social members for a couple of years and just have upgraded to full as I'm getting back to golf (did my first 9 there on Sunday, lost a few balls!, really enjoyed it). For me it's 2 mins from home so I can hit the range on a whim.
  9. I've just picked up again after a 30 year break (_55_) and obviously play like a total beginner. I'n hoping to knock a couple of 9 holes alone this weekend in the afternoon when the course is quiet just to practice and get some confidence up. I did a tourney (scramble) a couple of week ago and while I enjoyed it, I need to be a little better when I pair up next. If the opportunity arises to be paired and they're ok with my beginner-ness then I'll be fine with that.
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