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  1. I would love to see that - Morikawa is a killer, Rham too.
  2. I think Lowery was 7 under on his own ball. Some player in the wind.
  3. So then, Europe need to win the singles 9-3. Stick a fork in it because whoever is playing Rory, Casey or Fleetwood have a very easy match. First time in a while Sunday's matches meant nothing at a Ryder Cup.
  4. Rahm sort of stands out on tour too, considering he is number one in the world.
  5. This going to end 4-0 and put the score at 13-3
  6. McIlroy should just pick his ball up and assist Poulter's caddy. At least then Poulter would know he was on his own for sure.
  7. Just got to shake your head at what a choker McIlroy is...dear oh dear.
  8. Flame keeps flickering for Europe and going out again
  9. He is on his own... Hatton is still having an internal meltdown.
  10. 2 players necking cans of beer and spiking the cans in front of the fans.
  11. I think European fans love Bryson too We like characters.
  12. Rahm to the rest of the team.... "Any questions , chaps?"
  13. Shocking that Rory was chosen to play this afternoon.
  14. Why does DeChambeau do this to himself? He's going to be asked to putt every one now and he's only winding himself up. If the match gets needle it's good for Europe. USA just need to coast in and keep it calm.
  15. He actually seems like a class guy, he just can't putt for sh&t.
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