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  1. So no doubt on the genuineness of the silver putter ?
  2. > @Yanki01 said: > both real but what's up with the black one and those circles? laser etched or something? Yes they seem to be laser etched on the face and sole.
  3. Any one, care to help out on the silver one ? That Tour DEPT stamp is the first I see.
  4. You are definitely correct, I probably went a little crazy on this purchase. > @third-times-a-charm said: > For $5500 a Rolex is probably a better investment. You can putt with it too if you hit the ball hard enough.
  5. Tha black one is genuine. I just got off the phone with the very friendly Scotty COA service. I’m waiting For them to be delivered and check the COA number of the silver one.
  6. The silver was 2800 USD And the black 2300 USD
  7. Hahahah sorry guys. Apparently I can’t post images if it’s my first post ? Edit : My bad I just figured it out ....
  8. Hello guys, I just purchased these 2 putters. Then I started discovering all those fake putters. Do you guys know if these look legit ? I’m getting pretty worried. I don’t know if these kind of unique putters would be counterfeit. Thank you for your Help!
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