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  1. Same sorta issues for me, and then some. Was in the market for a new driver after having the Nike covert for 5 or so years, I bought the C721 after seeing all the good things everyone was saying(9.5 RDX Blue 70g X-stiff). I played a round with it and was craving some more hits so I went to the range where the shaft ended up snapping at the hosel. Got it replaced through the warranty and had the shop cut the shaft down to 44.5. I hit some balls in my backyard into a net and REALLY liked the feel of the shortened driver so I decided to take it to the range to see how the ball flights were. Half way through a bucket I hear the weirdest sound on a strike and terrible flight, look at the head and its cracked. Got that covered by the warranty as well and the day it's replaced I returned to the range thinking it was just all bad luck and can't happen again. Then the head flies off after 20 or so hits, snapped at the hosel again. I don't know what the hell is going on, but the covert is still going strong after 5 years completely stock for comparison. I will say when it wasn't exploding on me it felt/flew good, and the companies warranty is great at least. I bought it from Golf Town and can't return it at this point, so either I sell it or just start hoping and praying it survives/or get it replaced when it doesn't.
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