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  1. [quote name='Vicious13' timestamp='1438485789' post='12062498'] Any trades? [/quote] I have a Scotty Cameron Futura X Like new 35" Standard wts. I would trade. I will send pics if your interested. Thanks
  2. Sorta like the prize in Crackerjacks. No thanks!
  3. [quote name='martinbns' timestamp='1434708980' post='11783432'] Callaway X2Hot are amazing, and in your budget. [/quote] What he said. Listen you won't be sorry!
  4. Thanks for the tip on the swing weight I did not think of that. You can buy tip weights to fit into the tip end. I'm guessing you fit the weight in the tip put the shaft in and check the swing wt. You can then keep all the clubs in the set at the same swing wt? Next question is where is a good place to buy a weight scale? What weight should you have the swing wt set at? Thanks for the Help!
  5. So I'm getting ready to put together a set of irons. First time doing this so I don't have many tools. I'm ok with the procedure as I have looked at some utube's on this. I'm going to use 18 hour shaft epoxy to put them together. The shafts have grips already installed and they are Project X shafts. So I would like the grip ID turned down and the shaft labels turned up. So: 1. Is there a good way to aline the head so it matches the way I want the labels to look? 2. When you have the shaft installed and glued. The head is in the proper position. How do you keep it from moving until it drie
  6. I went from a 913 D2 10.5 to a 915 D2 12*. I'm using a Matrix xcon 5.5 shaft. I'm just smashing the ball. I'm very please with this head it feels better to than the 913. Very happy with it and when the ground dries out I'm gonna get me some roll.
  7. Is it possible to increase strength and swing speed by just hitting a lot of range balls? I just find it hard to exercise. Thanks
  8. I have never hit the H5. But I have a full set of H4's 3i to PW. The H4's 3 4 5i are very easy to hit. If you trying to save some bucks go with the H4's can't imagine the H5's being any better. Another point is that with the H4 6 7 8 9 PW. I'm surprised how hard these clubs are to hit. I see why they get there MP name. You need to hit these on the sweet spot to get a good feel. I have a set of JPX 825 pro's as well these are much ever to hit. Not that I don't like the H4 I do. There just not for the beginner. Anyone agree with me?
  9. [quote name='rcain1us' timestamp='1422315086' post='10823689'] Goo Gone. Your welcome [/quote] Ahh rcain1us I'll bite. Why is the a** in the man hole?
  10. You don't need to spend $300 + to get a good putter. Pure Bling !
  11. [quote name='Wooderson' timestamp='1421702549' post='10778273'] So, it is common to see threads on this site saying "bag is set" or "no more hoing". Then you have the guys who like to answer our ho questions in a condescending tone. They ask questions like, "Why would you Ho?" They like to point out that "equipment won't make us better", "all equipment is the same now", or even "hoing is a waste of money". Now that I'm older I often think of all the girls in high school I didn't give the time of day too. Huge regret there. So, thinking sensibly? Ain't nobody got time for that! I'm abo
  12. [quote name='MonteScheinblum' timestamp='1421700327' post='10778011'] It might be a spine tilt issue. If you look at yourself face on is your spine vertical or even leaning toward target? [/quote] Guess I don't know the answer to that MonteScheinblum. I know that it feels like I'm closing my shoulders to the target line to get the arms equal. But I could be tilting my spine away from the target. I have seen that if the left arm is lower my ball starts left of the target line and hooks. If I work to keep the arm at equal height I get a straight ball. I just discovered this today. I have al
  13. I have noticed that my left arm is lower than my right arm. I'm trying to correct this as I think it is causing me to hit a hook. Am I correct assuming that if your shoulders are open to the target line you left arm will be lower than the right at address? If you close your shoulder to the target line does it raise the left arm at address? So the arms are equal height? Do you need to do something else to make the arms equal height? Or am I off base on this? Thanks
  14. Funkey

    Vulcan Golf

    [quote name='CallawayKid86' timestamp='1421417985' post='10756747'] [quote name='Funkey' timestamp='1421380177' post='10755247'] Anyone get a set of shafts installed in these heads? Just wanted to know what you thought of them. I'm still looking for shafts for mine. [/quote] I tried out my PW with an S300 and it spins like crazy. Picked up a set of Rifle 6.5 shafts that I am going to tip about 3/8" tonight and install when I get home. Hoping to get them all finished this weekend and play a round with them Monday. [/quote] Thanks CallawayKid38. Let us know what you think. I'm still look
  15. Funkey

    Vulcan Golf

    Anyone get a set of shafts installed in these heads? Just wanted to know what you thought of them. I'm still looking for shafts for mine.
  16. [quote name='North Texas' timestamp='1421080287' post='10732201'] If we are being had on driver pricing than we are being had on pretty much any product that we purchase new. [/quote] I don't agree with this at all. I'm also into handguns. I can buy a Sig Sauer P226 shoot it all I want. As long as I take care of it I can sell it for near the same amount I paid for it. Most handguns are like this.
  17. [quote name='MtlJeff' timestamp='1421027889' post='10729743'] [quote name='Thrillhouse' timestamp='1421027243' post='10729677'] They charge what the market bears, there is no inherent value to golf equipment, none. It's not a collectors item (except for a few things like circle Ts which also don't have any inherent value just a strong secondary market but that's another discussion), and it isn't like old jewelry that can be melted down for something that does have inherent value (precious metals). You don't pay $399 because something in the club is inherently worth $399, you pay it because
  18. I was looking at trade in values for Titleist 913D2. Current trade inn value is $86.00 average on a two year old club that sold for I think 399.00 399.00 - 86 = 313.00 depreciation over a short two years. Man that is a load. Seems like the best value is to wait about 2 years then buy one at discount pricing. I think that is going to be my new policy. What say you? Buy the way I'm not picking on Titleist there all about the same.
  19. https://www.rlcgolfoutlet.com/ I was in this golf shop the other day I think they had some new one's. Hope I'm not wrong.
  20. The shop I use just a local shop sells all driver trade inns on ebay. I'm guessing they do this so you will buy new drivers. This really hacks me off. Just got to the point I don't go in there anymore. Wish we had a PGA SS near us.
  21. Thanks for all the info. I did forget about swing wt. Not sure what I would like these to be. That is another issue what needs to be worked out.
  22. I just don't understand how you go into a store. User their service and not buy from them. If they provided a good service that I like I want them to stay in business. I would spend my dollars there. But that is just me. Perhaps I have principals and you don't?
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