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  1. I'll send it to Louisville golf... The local "club doctor" days he hasn't even seen whipping in seven years. The era has passed ... The robots won
  2. Louisville golf says the whipping protects the "neck" from water and potential hairline cracking. Does that mean "hosel"? Hairline cracking to the hosel?
  3. Feels solid, as if just the.whipping is weak but the head for now is rigid. Will the loose whipping eventually loosen the head?
  4. Very helpful guide, which I am grateful for, although unfortunately at the moment I don't have any room or equipment to do any of that myself. If it is the head, how did the head get loose so fast? I have read other reports on here at Louisville Golf persimmon heads chipped or cracked. Delicate worksmanship? They won't even respond to my emails. Back to vintage Hogan ...
  5. Seeing some of these hogan Silver Graphite Classic shafts; they appear to be original. I can't find anything else about it, and in fact I have never used Graphite before. What is the history of these, and how would one of these in Graphite "3" for a driver play compared to a steel Apex 3?
  6. I tried to post earlier but... I bought a refurbished louisville golf 50s classic driver recently and the whipping started to come loose early on with just some range play, in turf mats, which must have started it. Still, my other woods have never come loose despite heavy range mat use. They won't respond to my emails and the local proshop can't repair whipping. I added some tape as a last ditch effort but it has loosened further with just a few extra swings. Is this bad workmanship? It's a shame as their stuff is like works of art. Due to their bad email response times I will be wary to buy a
  7. Very interesting ! On here the Tad Moore Howitzer or Sander wedges get "rave reviews". One thing, Aren't hickory era tees around 5600-5800 yards?
  8. Did Louisville Golf make these? When did they make the Hogan woods? Also the wood heads that do not have "oil hardened", are they still oil hardened anyway?
  9. Dont see nuffin', looks washed out, or "42". Ill ask again the seller
  10. Saw this hogan bicentennial driver, can anyone tell what stiffness it is by the shaft steps?
  11. Bought a 50's classic wood from Louisville but while it is otherwise perfect, I noticed quickly at the range the whipping is coming loose at the top. Should I put some tape on it to prevent more from coming loose? Or does it need repair; the local pro shop doesn't know jack about whipping. Pity is it coming loose so fast, my Hogan Apexes seem invulnerable.
  12. What kind of Louisville Golf edition is this? It says authentic series, but the other authentic series I've seen look different, and without screws.
  13. Got a vintage no-date MacGregor brand 7 iron, only signed on the side of the head, "Jack Nicklaus", with serial number S2A1B17 on the neck/hosel. Does anyone know about this model? It has nothing else but the signature, and "MacGregor".
  14. Anyone use one of those x "stands" with a pencil bag? I don't have the stand and without a caddy I just lie the bag in the ground. I wonder if the stand will help, if it can be put in the bag as a club and taken out when needed, or that will be too much trouble.
  15. Spalding "Ky Laffoon" Pyratone 5 7 9 set: The heads look nickle plated, are large, and the 9 has the traditional egg shape. I can't find anything else much about them. Laffoon himself seems to have gone from a big 1930s celebrity to never mentioned today.
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