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  1. in hand pictures were on Instagram this morning; in the bag of David Dusek on the European Tour this week.
  2. Mizuno ST-G 220 on the conforming list!
  3. I feel exactly the same way, you're not alone. I game a TS3 driver, 3wd, I had a Maltby STiH 3 Hybrid with an Aerotech Steel fiber shaft, srixon 785 4-pw, and rtx 4 wedges. The Maltby club was just supposed to be a cheap experiment to try out a Steelfiber shaft. I feel like I flushed it every time I hit it and I kept it in the bag for a while bc it was an excellent scoring club at the 230yd range. my master plan was to get a srixon u85 utility and shaft it with the Steelfiber shaft. i hit the hybrid better (marginally) despite identical swingweight, length, and total weight of the clubs. it was such an eyesore (I know, vain, I know) I kicked it out of the bag and ended up bagging the u85 with a dg120 x100 for a lighter weight but similar feel to my ti x100 in the irons. I realize after typing all this that being a club ho is probably a disease and I should get that looked at.
  4. is there anyone that has any new data on this? looking at $ taper for a set of mizuno mp20 irons this spring, would be pretty inconvenient if it's been an issue for this long kbs didn't address the design somehow.
  5. > @mizunotpz said: > According to this calculator my swing weight if I dont do any adjustments will be C3.8, https://www.valuegolf.com/golf-club-swingweight-calculator/ I've used this calculator to build clubs before, acceptably accurate if you don't use a counter balanced shaft. I would just up the number on the head weight box to figure out how much weight you have to add to get where you want. a small kitchen scale that measures in grams is a good home club builders tool to be in the ball park with measurements and feel
  6. I rotated frequently between the TS3 and ST190 I have. TS3, even flow white t1100, 65\6.5. a1 setting. st190, atmos black 6x, set at 8.5 on the loft sleeve. loved them both equally this season with no plans to switch, i will contemplate whatever Titleist comes out with next, no interest in st200 based on the preliminary release photos. I was in the original epic subzero with an old aldila NV 65x before switching. still love the epic but I relegated it to range only duty
  7. TS3 at 44.75" even flow white 6.5. I'm most comfortable standing over something 44.5“ or shorter but I had a higher smash factor and as a result higher ball speed. don't think I fit to many people where I would recommend otr length for them.
  8. the only differences I've seen in fittings is peak height during ball flight. similar ball speed and spin (same loft). the rest is a look and feel difference (I prefer look of hmb but that's entirely subjective)
  9. obviously impossible to tell from the pictures, but maybe a hint of "speed back" type technology in the sole of the st200? similar to f9 and tm m6, any one else seeing it?
  10. I'm sure there's a good reason from an engineering standpoint but the protrusion in the weight track looks goofy. I fit into the g model after getting fit by mizuno last year, anticipating the same this year, I can day dream and pretend it's omitted from the retail release. hope they stick with the sleek black and subtle blue color ways!
  11. any one "in the know" about whether these in .355 taper tip constant weight are in nippons plans? interested if they're gunning for aerotech steel fiber or ust recoil in the future with iron shafts.
  12. Cleveland classic #1. I reshaft and regrip it every now and then and it feels as good as new. pretty certain the head weight is around 345 and I add a tip weight to 355, play it at 34 inches. rest of the bag is modern stuff, Rtx4 wedges, srixon 785s, u85 2 iron, and Titleist TS3 driver/3wd
  13. highly recommend the Titleist TS3 be given a look as far as current product lines. confidence inspiring look from address and great feel. face is plenty deep to make it a suitable club from a small tee peg off the tee. just as long as any fairway I've ever had in play if the loft and shaft are right for you. previously used callaway, ping, TM over the last twenty years.
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