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  1. I am interested in the speedzone head, I sent you a PM
  2. So I bought a used set of clubs after 25 plus years of gaming my ping eye 2 BeCu irons. The set I bought was ping G410s but the previous owner put on a very light set of Winn dri tac grips which are 22gms and my current clubs have Tour Velvet grips which are around 45gms.. the new clubs feel really “head heavy” do you guys think if I change the grips the swing weight will go down? I saw that the standard swing weight for the 410s are D0 but I think with the Winn grips it feels higher. I’m not remotely an expert on these things and would like some help if anyone is knowledgeable. th
  3. I think the gogogo rangefinder is excellent for the price. I have used it for about 10 rounds and I try to get a comparison reading from someone with a different rangefinder, usually a Bushnell. It's close to about a yard or under from 200yd and in. I like that it uses AAA batteries which I have a ton of and it locks on quick with vibration and scope. It's $90 on Amazon
  4. I was curious if this was still an etiquette with all the spikeless shoes around. I have had both happen and I have no problem with someone walking through my line, I'm not crazy about someone standing on my line and putting out but it has happened. It has happened so many times with people I have been paired up with, I was curious if this is still adhered to or not. I used to play with spikes so we definitely tried to step over lines when playing with friends or others but now, we (our friends) wear spikeless almost like sneakers so we still try do stop over the line but more out of habit.
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