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  1. Any hybrid produced by Cleveland Golf.
  2. Rifle 5.5 play similar to DG S300. For a 68 year old player I recommend Nippon 950GH stiff steel shafts. Or if you like graphite any of the major brands stock graphite stiff offerings are good.
  3. Most important is learning fundamentally sound address technique (grip-posture-alignment). If the junior learns this, and hits thousands of practice balls using same, his own naturally effective swing will be great. "Scoring low" comes from knowing/using excellent technique for all golf shots, from the tee box thru the green. Really until the player has learned proper technique it does not make good sense to be concerned with scoring. When the technique is excellent low scoring naturally happens.
  4. During the fitting did you strike shots with club (s) similar to the specs of your new fitted set ? Also, the SW numbers listed seem 6 to 9 points too low for a set with the .5" to 1" over length shafts listed. Did you use a swing weight scale to learn the swing weights of your clubs ?
  5. It's true that a player with excellent technique can use just about any club within the bag to get chip shots consistently next to the hole. But how many players are excellent chippers who nearly always leave their chip shots within five feet of the hole ? I think maybe 2% of the players out there on the golf courses, which means 98% could stand to improve their chipping game. If there is a club designed (wide sole short shaft, especially heavy head weight etc...) specifically to make the chip shot easier, using one might possibly lower a player's 18 hole scores.
  6. I suggest retaining the DGS300 shafts and installing Winn DriTac LT (less taper), a grip which is light and will increase swing weight, restoring the club balance - sense of head weight you prefer.
  7. Most players do not achieve a "high flight" with a 14* loft hybrid. But if you do, that is likely a good club for you to keep within the bag, and it can replace a 3-wood. Most players find that 14* to 17* loft hybrids produce too low of a trajectory shot, which is why those lofts for hybrids do not sell well.
  8. Mostly it is due to Asian culture players learning sound fundamental technique and a willingness to practice same for the thousands of hours required to produce consistently low scores.
  9. 42 inches or longer 70 weight is good. 40.5" to 41.5" 80 weight is good.
  10. Due to it being a different material, texture, sheen etc...no black touch up paint will match the putter head's factory black finish.
  11. Do you like the shots you produce with your TS2 fairway woods, DI 7X and 8X ?
  12. Mostly Rory suffers from a wedge game that is not good enough.
  13. This is an interesting thread topic because club companies and fitters, for several years now, have been selling the concept of lighter weight shafts. For example during a fitting it is common for a player to strike a dozen or more 6-iron shots with a lightweight shaft and the fitter comments that swing speed/ball speed etc... improve with a lighter weight shaft, so the customer buys it. But on the golf courses the player (s) usually realize that the light weight iron shafts cause their swing tempo to become too fast and shot making suffers. So far most of the comments in this thread seem to favor that heavier iron shafts are helpful, which is the opposite of what fitters try to sell.
  14. I am a 120 gram iron shaft player for 30 years. I did spend a couple of years playing 95 gram iron shafts, and it was o.k., but my shot accuracy , carry distance control, and swing tempo were all better with 120 gram iron shafts, so I returned to playing that weight.
  15. Cleveland TL 310 has a stock open face head and stout stock Miyazaki shaft, definitely a fade biased driver.
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