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  1. I've tried long putters, short putters, heavy heads, light heads, all kinds of head shapes and grips etc... but nothing was especially effective. What has worked remarkably well for me is copying the Nicklaus putting address technique. Specifically, somewhat crouched posture with head set well behind the ball at address. This head position seems to eliminate my tendency to become "ball bound". For example, if one's head is well behind the ball he/she will be looking at the rear of the ball (not on top of it) and this seems to promote a steady head throughout the stroke. Try copying N
  2. I've observed the techniques of lots of good putters, so if you're interested in the technique aspect of putting I may be able to help you. As for equipment, I do believe the heavy (340, 350, 360 etc...)gram putters does harm lots of players putting games. Some players roll the ball well and make putts with the heavy heads, but lots of players don't. Which brand/model putter do you use ?
  3. Consider that on smooth rolling fast greens lots of players can make putts. But on shaggy greens to make putts requires solid contact that produces on the ball a true roll. If you know any truly great putters you may have noticed that when the greens get rough they are still able to roll the ball well and make putts.
  4. I wrote "competent instructor", not "highly rated instructor". I don't even know what a high rated instructor is supposed to be, but I imagine it has something to do with self promotion, publicity, advertising, business acumen etc.. Tiger from age 5 to 10 was instructed by Rudy Duran, who taught Tiger fundamentally sound technique. During his teenage years Butch Harmon fine tuned Tiger's already fundamentally sound foundation. The good sense instruction of these two men, combined with Tiger's practice work ethic, produced a great player. Later on in his career.... the cha
  5. For 70 years Tour golf tournament fields have always have some players who practice more hours than other players, and that is true today. Golf is essentially a technique game, not a sport. To play great golf it does not hurt to be especially coordinated and, or, "athletic", but it's certainly not a requirement. As previously stated in the era of steel shafted persimmon woods and balata balls a Tour player under pressure might suffer from a bit too quick of tempo/rhythm and produce a duck hook or big block tee shot. Modern balls and balls offer a level of forgiveness that allows a T
  6. The definition of the word "forum" is a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.
  7. Before making any equipment adjustments, stand a bit closer to the ball at address, This will likely produce a benefit to your swing and quality of ball contact. Plan on at least 50 driving range swings with a 9-iron for this address technique change to feel comfortable.
  8. The stock grip on the Red X5 is the red colored Cameron Baby T model grip (weight 68 grams). I suggest you buy and try a Rosemark 1.25 Lite grip (weight 35 grams). This grip is a sensational shape/profile and the relatively light weight of it will absolutely increase your sense of feeling the putter's head weight when you swing it.
  9. I agree with your points however my observation is that the significant factor is club head size. For example, I played a dozen rounds each with Mizuno MP 4, MP5, MP69 (all muscle back blade designs) and a dozen rounds each with MP63 and MP15 (cavity back design). The only performance differences I observed were that the MP5 (significantly larger than the other five models) was more challenging to square at impact from less than ideal lies. In other words, if head size is the same, such as are Titleist MB and Titleist CB irons, I doubt a player would notice any significant shot perfo
  10. Your driver here is the first time I've seen the "EDO stain finish", and it looks sensational.
  11. The PGA Tour is an organization owned by the Tour's players, the majority of whom favor lift-clean-place.
  12. You are new to golf and were misled into thinking "fitted equipment" is especially significant towards improving one's game. But if you talk to your home area best player, one who routinely shoots 18 hole scores of par or better, I assure you he/she will confirm that swing technique is 99% of good shot making.
  13. David Edel maintains that the Bullseye putter shape is by far the easiest putter to align at address. I agree.
  14. No competent instructor would post such a thing.
  15. That's fine, but understand that Nicklaus comments were within the context of a player using sound fundamental technique. For example, Nicklaus instructor Jack Grout insisted that young Nicklaus swing around a steady head. Grout had an assistant hold Nicklaus's head while Nicklaus struck range balls. Maintaining this fundamentally sound technique essentially insured that Nicklaus would produce smooth tempo well balanced swings.
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