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  1. 11 rounds in 6 days would be way too much golf for me. If I go back to back 36 hole days by the second round of day 2 focusing on the shots becomes too difficult.
  2. You answered your own question, that is prototype or for Tour play.
  3. Mostly the reason for player-caddie "pre-shot talk" is that it's a way for the player to take his time, not rush anything, and get focused on the shot at hand.
  4. Caddies who showed up, kept up, and shut up.
  5. Jackie Burke is a professional who knew what it took for him to play his best golf.
  6. If you've enjoyed the Apex Pro Combo irons then keep playing that same set (or buy another set as similar as you can find).
  7. The head weight of an original Ping Anser 2 is approximately 315 grams.
  8. Excellent question. Every player recognizes a sliced tee ball or duffed iron shot as "bad", but I think very few players appreciate that a missed putt is due to as bad a mishit as was the sliced driver or bladed iron shot. The difference is that the bad long shots are obvious but the putt which misses by an inch is not , so for that reason many players mistakenly believe themselves to be a "decent putter". The bottom line is that very few people are good putters. I am not a good putter and only about 5 of my regular group of 24 players are good putters.
  9. All around consistency for a wide range of shots is why DG has been the standard for decades. There are shafts that may feel better, strike lower trajectory or higher trajectory shots, have lighter weight, produce straighter shots, easier to load, play softer or play stiffer etc... but no shaft that I've played is as all around good as DG.
  10. The title of this thread is 'what does "forgiving" really mean' ? The OP started the thread to solicit forum participants opinions/perspectives/definitions etc... of "forgiveness".
  11. To you it doesn't, to other players it does. Your definition is the common one trotted out by golf equipment marketing departments, but some players disagree. If the "fitting" was done by the player on golf courses , observing which club specs produced the consistently best shots , then he has good sense clubs for him to play. If the fitting was done at a range or indoor studio the clubs specs will likely not be especially useful and, or, helpful to the player.
  12. You are playing smart golf, not "lazy" at all. Modern low lofted hybrids have head sizes and shaft lengths comparable to older 3-woods, so they are suitable to be played from ground lies. Modern 3-woods have over sized heads and extra long shafts, so they are suitable from tee boxes and other perfect, level lies.
  13. Great idea this putter producer has, especially if it can get players away from using the sledgehammer 350 gram heads that the mainstream companies are selling.
  14. The weight of Tiger's famous putter head is likely 318 to 322 grams. What are the weight's offered for this G.O.A.T. putter head ?
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