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  1. A well struck shot is the music of a golf course.
  2. There are five guys in my skins game group who average 210 to 220 with their driver and all of them shoot between 72 and 78, 6,500 yard course. Again, tee box distance is way down the list of factors that contribute to low scoring.
  3. Yes, TiSi for sure is a "modern classic". My list of the three most iconic drivers (big play on Tour and among amateurs) of the past 35 years is as follows: Callaway Biggest Big Bertha Titleist 975D Ping TiSi I played none of those from the OP's list and don't recall seeing playing partners with those drivers, though I am sure they were each a big volume selling driver.
  4. Not really. For example, in exchange for working some hour at the golf course (pro shop, cart barn, range etc...) kids can usually receive free range balls and play for free at their local course. And typically within 200 miles of one's home there is enough junior and amateur tournaments for the junior to establish himself/herself as a D1 caliber skill level player. College coaches want to see a respectable academic GPA and a low scoring average for tournament play. The tournaments can include city, county, and state amateur, state Open pro events etc... This level of competition on champi
  5. You make some good points here. Bur regarding club versus swing, I find that familiarity with a particular club includes having struck enough good shots to know that a poor shot is swing related. For example, my 3-wood has a relatively soft, high torque shaft which produces good shots from an easy tempo swing. On days when I mishit the 3-wood I know it's because my swing tempo has become too fast.
  6. From tee boxes I believe 15* 3-wood is best. From ground lies 16.5* is best.
  7. Yes, earlier in this thread I speculated that Rickie grew tired of Cobra employees, other players, caddies etc... looking at his bag of muscle back blades and shaking their heads or rolling their eyes.
  8. http://pwcca.org/about-the-pwcca/membership-directory/
  9. If a junior player is truly college D1 level he will win the junior tournaments and amateur tournaments within his regional area, and that is enough to earn a D1 scholarship to even the strongest college programs. To earn a D1 scholarship and, or, attract the attention of college coaches it is not necessary to travel long distances and, or, play National junior tournaments. For example, if a junior player from Colorado wins lots of his local/regional area junior tournaments, finishes high and , or, wins the Colorado Amateur or Colorado Open, has a tournaments coring average of 71 etc... h
  10. The reason players lots of amateurs struggle with 3-wood from the tee box is that they very rarely use that club. If there is no driver in the bag players soon realize 3-wood does produce consistently more solid-straighter shots than a driver. For your next round of golf leave driver at home and I expect that by the 6th or 7th hole you will be comfortable swinging3-wood and liking the tee box shots.
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