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  1. Early in his pro career Tiger's routine was to run on concrete 5 or more miles per day. I think too much running on concrete caused most of the physical injuries.
  2. At the Tour level , and some high skill level amateur tournaments, your points about distance affecting pace of play are true. But 99% of people playing golf courses never strike a tee shot that travels longer than 250 yards. So the courses and the game are fine, no problem.
  3. If address posture technique (grip-posture-alignment) is fundamentally sound then an effective pivot (and all the other good factors of a swing) will naturally happen.
  4. I do not believe an adult player's height has much relevance to putter length. It's about trying different lengths, head weights, and grip weights to learn which combination provides the consistently best roll/ putts made.
  5. Graphite Design model Tour AD BB shaft.
  6. You introduce a separate subject here but for sure playing consistently good shots with steel shafts, persimmon heads, and balata balls took significantly more skill than today's equipment requires. Modern equipment is why there are so many more low shooting Tour pros than ever before.
  7. Basically, a lower lofted club allows a slightly mishit shot to still end up next to the target (hole) whereas a higher lofted lob wedge club requires perfect contact to carry the ball the precise distance need for the shot. The above is true for most golf shots, not just this OP subject of flighting wedges. For example the guy who clubs himself with an 8-iron to a 150 yard target may need to achieve perfect square contact to get the 150 yard carry. But the guy who clubs himself with a 7-iron has the benefit of a slight mishit still leaving the ball hole high. Yes, slight mishits are common among Tour players. Nicklaus has said/written he rarely hit more than 2 or 3 totally pure shots per round so he clubbed himself for a slight mishit. Andnext to the green a guy chipping with a 9-iron , compared to the guy trying to chip with a SW or LW, that his slightly mishit 9-iron chip shot will still end up within 3 feet of the hole while the slightly mishit wedge leaves a 10 foot putt. So, to the OP yes flighting a 75 yard shot with a 52* allows the player to slightly mishit the shot and have the bounce and roll leave the ball next to the hole, whereas the guy trying to flight a 60^, if he slightly mishits the shot, will likely leave the ball 30 feet from the hole. As for hole locations remember that a major part of consistently low scoring is leaving the ball in a good position from which to play a relatively easy next shot. In other word, a low scoring average player usually does not leave himself awkward angles , or little green to work with, for 80 yard approach shots.
  8. Yes, I don't believe rolling back and, or, limiting equipment will hurt anything. But I also don't believe permitting equipment do do whatever the companies are able to produce will hurt anything. Basically, if everybody has access to the same equipment and is playing the same course (s), then it's a level playing field. I don't understand why people think reaching par 5's in two with a short iron or driving par 4 greens , or shooting a 58 is a problem. It's just the natural evolution of the game, something which happens to all sports/games. But if the USGA or PGA Tour wants to curtail distance or increase scoring averages, and limiting clubs or balls is the way to do it, that's fine. What matters is that everybody plays by the same Rules.
  9. What difference does it make if players shoot 58 instead of 68 , or hit a 400 yard drive instead of a 250 yard drive ? All games/sports evolve with time , so why should golf be any different ? I don't believe longer drives or lower scoring has anything to do with the "integrity of the game".
  10. 25 years ago several Senior Tour players were gaining significant distance swinging 48" drivers. The reason they stopped was because producing good shots with an extra long driver shaft requires a swing tempo/rhythm that is too different from the other clubs within the bag.
  11. Maybe some Tour players choose to play lots of 80 yards or less to the flag shots with a 60* wedge. But, like much discussion about golf, the club selection and, or, lines of play a given Tour player may choose is of little relevance to the amateur. It is very hard to consistently "flight a lob wedge" and have the ball consistently finish next to the hole. There is no margin for error. While some Tour players may routinely choose that shot it is certainly possible that there scoring average would be lower if they got in the habit of playing shots with a less lofted club. And it's definite that the amateur who shoots 73 at his home course and fancies himself a player would shoot lower scores by using less lofted clubs to flight the ball. For example, the OP suggested/questioned a 60^ versus 52* for playing lower trajectory shots and I believe just about every player in the world would get the ball more consistently next to the hole by choosing the 52* instead of the 60*. A Lob wedge has a place in the bag for sure, but low trajectory shots is not what that club/loft was designed to do.
  12. Extra long driver shafts are all about adding shot distance and have nothing at all to do with "fitting".
  13. Usually a bit of bounce and roll helps shots get consistently closer to the hole then drop-and-stop shots do. Also, if the green slopes back-to-front, which is common, lower lofted club shots tend to roll out very little. The point is a bag has 14 clubs so it does not make good sense to manipulate a higher lofted club to do what is more easily done with a lower lofted club.
  14. I think the appeal of the center shaft putter design is that for some players it improves alignment consistency, as does no offset.
  15. Have you tried not using a tee and, or, using a very low tee height ? This should work well.
  16. In California, especially the northern part, from 1985 to 2005 dozens of courses were constructed using the same business model. That is, a developer spends $10 million to construct a full length championship golf course and club house. Once the course is up and running 6 to 10 model homes are built and used to sell the community's planned 1,000 homes. For the next three years the lots are sold, homes built, and the only remaining interest of the developer is the golf course, which he does not want. So, to completely exit the project the developer sells the golf course and clubhouse for $4 million, which is less than half of what it cost to construct five years earlier. But the new owner finds that the annual operating costs prove to be too much, so the course inevitably closes. At that point the holes become over grown open space, a hiking area for the community.
  17. If you like heavy head putters See More brand has some heel-toe-weighted center shaft models.
  18. Westwood has 44 professional wins, Fowler has 9.
  19. My guess is that Rickie practices/plays golf 300 days per year and does commercials/endorsement work 30 days per year.
  20. Maximum cool factor bag has one head cover (driver). 1-iron thru PW, SW, LW, putter.
  21. Most any of them if it is extra stiff flex and, or, tipped an inch.
  22. I've worked at and, or, been around golf courses all of my life and never heard of that happening. Many times I've seen singles, twosomes, threesomes on open courses tell others to play thru (because they don't want company) , but on a crowded golf course I've never heard of a course operator/starter agreeing to prohibit a single from joining a foursome.
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