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  1. Bag is now updated with the Miura blades and the Sim driver :)
  2. Finally they are here. Wohoo ? the bag is ready to golf now ?
  3. My clubs are still in customs since 8th July. Can’t wait anymore . I want my clubbbbbs ? ? ?
  4. Well I am still waiting for mine too. Customs seems doing too much social distancing from my clubs at the moment ???
  5. EMS as I am based in the UK and EMS was operating . TBH got in time here in the UK with no delay. It’s just the customs that is been a long wait.
  6. Can’t wait for mine :( it’s been in the customs since 8th July
  7. Hi ive got the new wilson staff model wedge which I like a lot. However these wedges don’t come in raw model unfortunately:( is there any way to rust the face of the club? :( anyone done this before? thx for the advise.
  8. Thank you so much. Exactly what i have been looking for.
  9. Is there any difference between these two shaft? or is it exactly the same shaft but in black. thx
  10. Hi, I have been fitted with PF V2 as the fitter did not have any Tour AD shaft. I play the DI in hybrid, and M9003 in FW. I was looking to match ther driver with the same brand. What would be the alternative TourAD model shaft that you think it could match the Proforce V2? Thx
  11. I’ve just received an email with the tracking number :)
  12. Nothing here mate. I did not get any email from One2One also. In my last communication, they told me i should receive an email by 4th or 5th July. Fingers crossed
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