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  1. Has anyone played golf in Cancun? If you have where would you recommend?
  2. Yea I had the Honmas TW737V and loved them. But I had to change cause the shaft was a reg.
  3. Ok, sooo the Magpie in me just seen a shiny new Srixon Pro-100 Set and bought it...they are soo forgiving and Soft.
  4. Srixon Pro-100. Hands down. Nothing compares. Originally forged in Japan by Dunlop. Beautiful irons and soft yet solid.
  5. Hey Guys, I’ve recently thought about switching to Players Cavity Backs. Any thoughts in which irons are the best in your opinion? No specific year, I was looking into the Titleist 710CB. What do yall think?
  6. City, State? Ontario, CA Handicap? 10 Current hybrid/utility iron head? Mizuno MP650 (17*) Current hybrid/utility iron shaft? Fujikura Orochi 85g Stiff What flex Nippon Modus3 Hybrid GOST shaft do you want to test? Stiff Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Hell Yes!!
  7. Yea ive been going back n forth on the 747 driver. I have the 455 9.5 and its has it good says an bad. I just need to tweak my swing a little bit
  8. I got them as a hand me down cause i worked at a golf company. They were always letting me take home clubs an try them out and stuff. Very fun.
  9. I am a new golfer and started off with my first set of irons as the hand me down TW737V Irons and love it to death. I really hope they start grabbing more attention and get better.
  10. I dont know if bending cast is even possible...
  11. Havent tried them. I only tried the 747p irons and the 747 455 9.5 driver. Wasnt much of a fan. But the Hybrid and Fairway havent tried.
  12. They look amazing my dude. Let us know how they feel
  13. Hey Guys, hope this Covid-19 thing is going well for you all, and if not im sorry....lets just enjoy golf! Anyway, I havnt heard much about these irons and when I found them on OfferUp for $175 I pounced on then right away. Does anyone Know more about these irons? Or have any information? The specs I have(ill upload on here for everyone?) I just want to know the marketing that went behind this club and what other information about the club there is ( what went behind the forging techniques and etc). thanks for reading and happy golfing!
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