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  1. Aaaa ok, yea i figured. I have an old Wilson Staff Blade 1-Iron and love playing with it at the range, but not confident enough to use at the course.
  2. What about a 1-Iron? What yall think about that?
  3. I had a 5-iron, but i added the 4-iron and took out my 3-iron and been trying out different hybrids.
  4. Im trying out the TM Burner HT 19 degree right now, and also the Mizuno MP650 17 degree. The 17 has a nice muted sound and is soft. Just a little harder to hit. The sound off of the Burner is nice and crisp and wayy easier to hit. Just the color and the look for the burner is disturbing to be lol
  5. Got it. What length do you use your 17?
  6. Do you just hit it like a stinger? Or more thinner?
  7. Hybrid or Long Iron….I currently have the Titleist 712u 3-Iron in play, but im thinking about putting a hybrid in play. I feel that a hybrid will be easier off tee and even easier for catching up on par 5 or even long par 4s. Only thing I am worried about is, it will be harder to keep a hybrid low (stinger type shot) to keep under trees and strong wind. What yall think? Any Hybrids out there that can help me with this, ie low trajectory i guess.
  8. Honestly, if youre looking for the softest feel, it would have to be one of the Japanese Made Forged Irons. Mizunos, Srixon, Miura, Fourteen, Honma, etc. Personally, the Mp-18 and Srixon Pro-100 have been the most softest for me. The Srixon Pro-100 was actually too soft for me to play consistently so I had to put then away.
  9. Taylormade Burner HT 19 degree. Hands down the king of Hybrids.
  10. Finally just got down to a 7 Handicap and am still playing my Good Ol’ Trusty Mizuno MP650 3Wood. I call him the silent but deadly.
  11. Im using a 64 and thats all i use from 50yds in. Easiest, no hassle swings.
  12. Ok, so I used my 3i this weekend and the head flew off the shaft and went into the lake.... Im in need of one now for sure. Ima try out the Ping Rapture first. Then the corssover. Then i wanna try out the srixon u85, and gapr lo. If you guys more suggestions, keep it coming!
  13. Yea i wanted to try the crossover. But Ima get my hands on the Rapture DI first.
  14. Aaaaa okk sounds like a good buy
  15. What do you think about the crossovers?
  16. Aaaaa ok, how much did you pay if you dont mind me asking?
  17. You know what, Ive been reading and hearing A LOT of good things about the J33 Airmuscles. Wanna try them out.
  18. What if the offer was for a whole set of P760s?
  19. Yea I have that right now, but with my gapping I want a 2 or even a 1 iron with 16-18 degree loft
  20. Yea i figured! Haha but if youre ever willing to sell it, let me know!
  21. How do you like the T-MB so far? That and the P790 i would really like to try out
  22. Whooaaa thats one sexy looking Driving Iron...is it cast or forged?
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