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  1. I love my 58.08M!!!!!! Also have a 54.10S which I also use for those shots if I have a bit more room. Get fit but for wedges I would recommend getting fit outdoors and try on fairway and rough
  2. I second the M. Love love love it. I got that in 58 and the s in 54
  3. Love that middle lime green cherry dot. Nice find for that lucky buyer
  4. Just switched from a 50 56 60 to 50 54 58. Started with the 58 for green side duty but after practicing with both I quickly went to 54. Same spin lower flight and just so much more consistent for me. Still use 58 as primary bunker club and when I need that high launch and stopping power. I got SM8 in 54.10S and 58.08M
  5. I love those Pros. Those were my college clubs. Brings back memories. GLWS
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