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  1. I second the M. Love love love it. I got that in 58 and the s in 54
  2. This post reminds me of my caddie days. Everyone at the club had these.
  3. Love that middle lime green cherry dot. Nice find for that lucky buyer
  4. Just switched from a 50 56 60 to 50 54 58. Started with the 58 for green side duty but after practicing with both I quickly went to 54. Same spin lower flight and just so much more consistent for me. Still use 58 as primary bunker club and when I need that high launch and stopping power. I got SM8 in 54.10S and 58.08M
  5. I love those Pros. Those were my college clubs. Brings back memories. GLWS
  6. Can't we all just get along. Let's take it easy everyone.
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