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  1. Awesome, thanks for the feedback. Enjoy!
  2. For anybody that’s been to Bandon recently…how is Sheep Ranch maturing? I know a lot of people had commented that it needed some time to grow in last year and that it wasn’t in the best condition, just wondering if anything had changed since. I’ll be arriving on property with two buddies for the first time in 95 days after having to delay our trip from this February to next, but who’s counting anyway?
  3. Godspeed to anyone playing at Bandon tomorrow. Throw away the score card, actually don’t even bother taking one.
  4. Anyone notice they’ve redone the course flyover/hole preview videos? They used to be by Envisage, but are now by Course Preview. Anyone know how long ago the other ones were done? I had noticed some differences in the courses between the flyovers and various course vlogs I had seen on youtube of the courses. Now they all seem to be up to date. For example, the changes made to Hole 2 on Bandon look significant.
  5. Just curious, what the pace of play is generally on the Preserve? Trying to decide how long before sunset is a sufficient amount of time to schedule it on our arrival day this coming February.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciate it!
  7. Question for the Bandon vets on payments...I’ve done all the planning and everything for an upcoming trip for a couple buddies and myself in February and I was wondering if you guys think it would be better or easier to just have my buddies pay their portion to me directly, or it’s possible to just split it up while on site? I paid the deposit for the trip...are any of the rounds charged in advanced, or does that deposit go towards the cost of the room and then the rounds are billed on site? If they’re billed on site I’m leaning towards us just splitting up the costs on site. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Thanks for the feedback @puttnforthe8 @ND2005and @I3erto . That was what I figured, but I just wanted to check. I did read into the different types of clubs, and had thought of just starting a non-course affiliated one with a group of people I know and golf with as an option if necessary. Thanks again.
  9. Hey All! In the beginning stages of planning a trip to Ireland and I notice that a lot of courses require proof of handicap and a couple we’re looking at playing (Royal Portrush and The European Club) also request that a letter of introduction be sent from the player’s home club. We’re traveling from the United States where neither are really required to play anywhere and where most golfers, unlike those in GB&I, (including us) are not members of clubs. Having an official handicap will not be an issue as we can get verification of that through a number of different organizations. The trip is a couple years away, so theoretically we could all join a club prior to traveling if needed to get a letter of recommendation, but we would prefer not having to take this step. My question is, how strict are courses with these requirements and if anybody knows of ant courses that are particularly stringent when it comes to either or both. Again, handicap verification won’t be an issue, more so wondering about the letter of recommendation. Any insight would be immensely helpful to our planning.
  10. Island Club - Open year round, mats used during the Winter months. November - March: €90, $106 April - October: Weekdays: €165, $196 Weekends: €185, $218 Royal County Down - Open year round, generally do maintenance during winter months, some tees may be closed during this time. No mats in use during winter months. November - February: £90, $124 March: £110, $152 April: £160, $221 May - October: £270, $372 Royal Portrush - Open year round, maintenance during the winter months. Mats in use until mid to late March. Overseeding of greens is done in April. November - March: £90, $124 April & October: £150, $207 May - September: £240, $331 Enniscrone - Mats likely in play during winter months, as well as maintenance projects being done around course, some areas of holes may be closed. All maintenance is completed by March 17th yearly and course is full open with no mats after that date November - March 16th: €45, $53 March 17th - October: €145, $171 Two round rate: €185, $218 County Sligo - Same schedule and restrictions as Enniscrone, winter rates end March 15th. November 15th - March 15th: €60, $71 March 16th - November 14: €200, $236 Carne - Maintenance projects during Winter, similar to Sligo and Enniscrone. Not sure on use of mats during winter. November - March: $71 April - October: $153
  11. I reached out to a number of different courses to see what their spring conditions/limitations were and here is what I found, which will be useful if you’re contemplating a spring trip to Ireland to try to cut down on costs by going off season. Hope this helps anyone planning a trip! Ballybunion - Closed from end of October until first week of April usually. No play restrictions once open for the season. €250, $295(USD, conversion as of 7/24/21) Tralee - Open for the season April 1st, no play restrictions once open for the season. April & October 17 On: €180, $212 May - October 16: €250, $295 Lahinch - Not entirely certain, but was informed they only open for the season after Easter (this may be different when Easter falls later on the calendar) and that fairways are out of play initially upon opening (mats or drop in rough required). Though I will note I have seen posts from people on social media playing before Easter in years past. Mid-March to end of April: €200, $236 After May 1: €250, $295 Waterville - Open year round, restrictions dependent on weather during winter months, fairways may be out of play at times. November - March: €75, $88 April - October: €250, $295 Portmarnock Golf Club - Open year round but they do not guarantee that full championship links will be open as they rotate three 9s during winter to carry out maintenance. November - March 31: €145, $171 April 1 - October 31: Weekdays: €250, $295 Weekends: €275, $325 County Louth - Open year round. Fairway mats in use from November until mid-March, occasionally until the end of March after harsh winters. Course returns to normal operations by April 1 every year. November - March: €100, $118 April & October: €125, $147 May - September: Weekday: €165, 194 Weekend: €185, $218 European Club - Open year round, no mats or restrictions during winter. November - March: €120, $142 April - October: €230, $271
  12. I had listened to a podcast with his older son Michael a couple weeks ago and the family has massive plans all over the map. By the time they’re done developing at Sand Valley he said they would like 10-15 golf related features between full length courses (6-8) Par 3s, 9 hole courses, putting courses, etc. He mentioned on there that they’re also looking to develop in Florida and Colorado. He said that Bandon is his dad’s baby though, so he didn’t want to get out in front of anything there, but said there were plans in the works for more courses potentially on the Oregon coast.
  13. @puttnforthe8 @hammergolf @jvincent thanks for the advice and feedback. I did start sending emails to some of the clubs. Tralee and Ballybunion are actually closed during the month of March. Haven’t heard back from the others. Thanks again.
  14. Hey all! Currently in the beginning stages of planning a couple weeks long golf trip to Ireland and we’re looking at the early to mid-Spring timeframe (late March to late April) for our dates to help save some money on greens fees, which can obviously stack up pretty quickly. I’ve done quite a bit of research and it seems like some clubs may have restrictions during that time of year (fairways out of play, mats in use, back tee boxes closed). I was wondering if anybody might be able to shed any insight on what courses actually have restrictions such as those listed (or others not listed) during our probable time frame and how much you think it takes away from the experience. We’re coming from Michigan and are not at all fair weather golfers, so we’re not concerned about unpredictable or hellish weather that time of year, we’re gluttons for punishment, we love it, we’re just looking to see how the experience is that time of year. I’ve looked at posts on social media from many of the courses on our wishlist (Portmarnock, Lahinch, Waterville, Portrush, RCD, etc.) and it doesn’t appear that there are any restrictions and the courses look to be on great condition, but it’s hard to tell from a few pics. Anyway, any insights would be immensely appreciated, thanks in advance!
  15. Not sure if anyone saw the Golf Digest post today but Bandon is looking to build a 6th full length course tentatively called “New River Dunes”, with sources saying that David McLay Kidd is the favorite to be the designer. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/bandon-dunes-sixth-18-course?utm_medium=social&utm_source=instagram&utm_campaign=golfdigest
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