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  1. I live in a rather hot location and during the golf season I practice for 3-5 hours every other day. I like the grip of the full leather gloves, but they end up absorbing so much sweat they they are stiff as a rock and smell terrible after only a week. Anyone have any ideas? Is there like a lining I could use to stop the sweat getting through or?
  2. > @antip said: > The curly questions are the most fun. Bring 'em on. Not super related to the first question but are finishes regulated by the usga? ping says that their special finish helps remove water from the club / club face wouldn't that be an unfair advantage? If it did wouldn't other companies like Taylormade, Titleist, ext. also use it?
  3. Ok thank you very much ill start doing that. Also sub question. Isn't this kind of what ping does with their hydro pearl finish wouldn't that be illegal in this case?
  4. I use a water resistant spray on my irons / wedges because they are from the 80's and would be prone to rusting. Assuming the irons were usga legal would the water resistant spray be ok to use in an official tournament?
  5. City and State (US Only): Clovis, California Handicap: 15 Current Wedges: Callaway Mack Daddy Forged Why do you want to try the Milled Grind 2 Wedges: I'm really interested to compare the feel and performance to my current wedges. I was also curious if the rust would fill the grooves of the MG2 stopping them from being able to move debris/water from the face at impact causing a loss of spin.
  6. I've been playing golf for about a year now and most people say I have a decent swing but I'm consistently pushing the ball. I have an in to out path so when I'm on it it's a great draw but its never consistent enough for me to expect it do so almost never draw my 3 wood / Driver. I have a slightly closed face on the back-swing and at the top but on the first move it becomes wide open and I cant hit many fairways and barely hit any greens I still shoot 85-90 It's just so frustrating that this is holding me back so much that's why I'm asking for some help. My local pro has told me to keep my shoulders more closed but It's the same draw/push 50 50.
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