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  1. Yes sir, mine still look like new after a full year and lots of 18 hole rounds.
  2. I struggled a bit at first with the 710s when I moved the ball back in my stance it has really helped. Playing the ball in the middle of my stance caused thin shots and slices. Now I am hitting it pure and scoring better. It may or may not work for you but has really helped me with ball striking.
  3. It's really hard for me to think about changing any of my G400 woods. I don't care about sound when the ball goes where I want it. I am 68 years old and hit it past all my playing partners ( not only longer but much straighter ). Will I check out the 425? Of course but it will have to be a lot better than my 400 max for me to switch.
  4. True point and shoot irons, they really are that easy.
  5. The 710s come with hot melt in them from factory. A trend of hollow-body irons has been set by the golf industry in the past few years and PING is keeping that trend going. However, the new G710 irons aren’t like all of the other hollow-bodied irons that preceded it. So what it is that separates the G710’s from the pack? For one they come with a maraging steel face for higher ball speeds and longer distances. With an MOI over 3300 g/cm2, which is one of the highest we’ve ever measured, making this a great option for any golfer seeking maximum forgiveness. Improved sound thanks
  6. For me they had 6-pw in stock, I had to wait 5 weeks for the 5 iron and u wedge. It was worth the wait I am playing as good as I was 30 years ago with these irons.
  7. I have had mine since March and really like them. I am coming from G400s but wanted a bit more distance and I am getting about a club more. The black has held up great but I use iron covers and have on all my irons. I don't care about sound or feel as long as the ball goes high and straight and these check both boxes.
  8. I have the 710s and when fit I hit everything. I didn't really know how good these things are till I hit them outside and see the ball flight. They are long and high with out any trouble stopping on the green. I am 68 years old and playing some of the best golf of my life now with these forgiving irons. Now having said all that every oem makes great clubs that will help you. I have been playing Ping for a very long time and fell in love with the black 710s when I first saw them. If you can hit both clubs outside it might help with your choice. Really can't go wrong with either but those 710s
  9. I have had my 710s since April and am really liking them now. They are a club longer than my G400s were and higher flying and very forgiving.
  10. G400 max for me ,its hard for me to believe there is anything as straight or forgiving for my swing. I have not had any desire to try anything else up to now but when the G425 comes out that might change ( shhhh to tell my wife ).
  11. It took 6 weeks for me to get a G710 5 iron and U wedge ordered in March
  12. I went from the ISI to G710s and am really liking them. I went from steel stiff shaft to graphite senior shafts and picked up more distance and height on all irons. Like you I was away from the game for many years and am now playing more than ever.
  13. 1,3,5,7,9 wood in my bag the 9 wood takes the place of a 4I and fills the gap between 5I and 7 wood. The 5w is mostly from fairway 3 w off the tee on tight holes. The 9w is perfect for me from rough or tight lies. The ball flies high and lands soft is much easier from rough than a 4 I.
  14. I have a Ping g400 9 wood that fills the 4 iron slot. That thing is money from tight lies or rough goes high and lands soft.
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