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  1. From what I could find online, they are sycamore trees
  2. Was wondering the same thing. Pretty snagly looking...
  3. birds a birds are a bit crazy loud there...
  4. Bunker on 16 was quite popular in the final group... meanwhile, Finau!
  5. Looks like my garage with the Gladiator stuff! Does that all stay with the house, or moving with you? I sure hope I don’t have to move anytime soon! In preparation for a move, you realize how much of a pack rat you have unintentionally become!
  6. I really like the dialogues between player and caddie that we get to hear now. Fun to hear what they are considering on these shots...
  7. Spieth is going to need to get back on track with the driver. Been a bit sketchy lately... of course a hole-out can right a lot of wrongs!
  8. What, you don’t like the “Mashed Potatoes!” yell? Seriously people... just don’t...
  9. That shot was amazing! Just like that, -13! Keep it up!
  10. I was actually just thinking about this very topic... from the start of last year, only my driver shaft and fairway wood shaft will be the same... not even sure how it all happened!
  11. Totally agree! The base layers are amazing and the lack of bulk in the outer layers keep one flexible and warm! Fun to be able to golf in a wider range of conditions! I have golfed while it was snowing and it was still quite comfortable!
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