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  1. For sale: Callaway Epic Max LS 9* Driver with a Hzrdus Black Smoke RDX 6.5 Shaft SOLD! May consider a Ping G425 LST 9 or 10.5 on trade I will consider splitting the head and shaft if I have offers for both. If wanting just the head or shaft, please provide your offer in your pm. Thanks! Pictures tell the story (in extra harsh, revealing light). Shaft has some graphic rubbing from a tight Sunday bag, but nothing that will affect playability. The head was slightly wet when these pictures were taken.
  2. That is unfortunate! As with most things in golf, you have to play what it is and not what it should have been. Part of the fun, part of the frustration that is this game we love! Some things that should happen, just don't; some things that shouldn't happen, just do! I hope that I find my real one in less than 3187 rounds from now and, on the bright side, you didn't use yours up there! In probability terms, you are still within the 12,750 pool of shots! Of course, probabilities are just that... I have a friend that had two hole in ones just a few weeks apart this summer... so, I am hopeful another opportunity is just around the corner!
  3. Hmm, not sure I quite read the complete thread the same way you did... however, if you want to come play a round at my course, I will buy you a drink, @PorkChopExpress!
  4. It was amazing, honestly. Nice, high, straight ball flight, struck perfectly, right at it and in. Just grazed the front edge of the cup on the way in and the slight breeze into us may have just pinched it in the cup enough to stay. It does have me wondering if I do want some new irons though…. On true WRX’er fashion…
  5. I edited the original post to clarify this point. Thanks!
  6. So, exactly what happened... Sounds like we are on the same page!
  7. Possibly, likely the 2021 T100 would be the better fit for my game (played 710 and 718 AP2’s for years), but that one sure went well! Just happened that he also bought clubs that match my specs of 2* up, 1/2” long, so happy coincidence with great results!
  8. Yeah, if you knew my buddy, you would know that was never gonna happen!
  9. After the group all tee'd off (including me), I borrowed my buddy's brand new 2021 Titleist T300 8 iron to hit a test shot on our 162 yard par 3 9th hole. Why not, it's just a Sunday morning round of golf with some friends... and flew it directly into the hole for a [NOT] hole-in-one... No bounces, just directly in and stayed in... UGH. Never had a hole-in-one before, but just did this amazing thing, but can't count it. I CAN say that I have hit the ball in from the tee box, but not had a hole-in-one. Super cool, but super sucky at the same time... As a side note: hey Titleist, your 2021 T300 irons are amazing! I just hit it directly in the hole from the tee box the very first time I swung them! Ever been done before? Mixed emotions... not sure how to feel about this. And should I have to buy a round for this? I DID buy a round for my group, but...
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