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  1. I have the Kaplan books, catalogues, etc- but it would be great to have a guide on the internet for classic persimmon woods by year and manufacture, with pictures. oes anyone know of any? I find top 10 lists and thing like that, but no real places where pictures, ad, specs, etc are all in one place. Does anyone know of such a place, or is anyone interested in creating one?
  2. Sorry- the numbers I was referring to were 4 photos, to illustrate, but the site would not allow me to post those (it say I need to be around longer to post). The first photo was the example to the 54/55 with Rec No- and I have a whole set that was all original/never refinished when I got them. The other photos were examples of drivers without "Rec No" that seem identical in all other ways, including distinctive 1950s "69" head shape. These are all refinished, but the stamping seems right on both, and in line with others I have seem by reputable persimmon sellers on ebay... am just curious.
  3. Thanks. I can say for sure that some 1954/55 945w have "Rec No" because I have a full set- 1-2-3-4 woods that all say that... picture 1 is the driver of the set. 2,3, are without "Rec No" and 4 is the same as 3, to show face/thicker neck fond in older clubs (80's and special edition remakes have a different shape with thinner neck). (sorry- pics not loading)
  4. For the 1954/55 945w EOMs, does anyone know why some are stamped with "Rec No" under "Oil Hardened" and others are not? For example, there was one on EBAY a few weeks back simply stamped "oil hardened 945w". Is there any difference? (all else is the same throughout- the sweep-back soleplate, the scoring lines, etc). Thanks!
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