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  1. Both player KNEW that playing ready golf was against the rules. Neither player KNEW that agreeing to play against the rules was a cause for DQ (because then who would agree to break a rule). I think that because they both knew that playing ready golf was against the rules, they would both be DQ'd. At least that's how I read this: Agreeing to play "ready golf" in match play in and of itself would not be basis for disqualification under Rule 1.3b (3.2b deals with concessions). If both players knew that "ready golf" was not permissible in match play, and agreed to do so anyway, then Rule 1.3b(1
  2. The match stood as played I'm sure because no one called out the DQ part (I don't think anyone knew that rule). They both knew the rule to play honours and furthest from the hole and they both SHOULD have been DQ'd.
  3. I get that now. No one knew that, and I did not tell anyone (and won't) as I wanted to see thoughts here. I thought it was pretty fucked up as I could tell the 2 players were friends and "played" the other guy.
  4. For the situation in the original post, the players in the match knew the rule about the playing order and they agreed to play ready golf. When player A said they would like to play honours, and in turn, going forward player B (and player B's friend) told them it was against the rules to go back to honours as they agreed to play ready golf before the round started. Going back to honours would change the flow of the game and it was being done on purpose to throw player B off their game. I said nothing but thought for a minute a fight would break out. The whole situation was uncomfortable a
  5. It was season long match play. 2 brackets of 64. It was an interesting scenario and there was some great information in here that I didn't think of.
  6. That is a great point. What about this: Exception – Playing Out of Turn by Agreement to Save Time: To save time: The player may invite the opponent to play out of turn or may agree to the opponent’s request to play out of turn.If the opponent then makes the stroke out of turn, the player has given up the right to cancel the stroke .
  7. Also, what are the rules about when you're playing as a foursome and 2 of the people are playing in an individual match? What is the playing honour between the 4?
  8. Yes - those are normal match play order rules, but what happened from the beginning was not by the rules (agreeing to play ready golf to save time). Should I have posted this in general discussion instead of rules / etiquette? Wondering what people's thoughts are on this as it caused an argument and 2 players said you can't change the order since it was agreed to prior to the match starting.
  9. I was playing today with 2 people who were playing in an individual match. They said at the beginning of the round they agreed to play ready golf except on the greens and that they should putt out before the 2 of us non-match play golfers putted. On a hole (par 3) a non match play person went first and a match play person went second. After the second player hit, the non match play person said "wow that wind just held our balls up". The other match play person got a different club and put it pin high and won the hole. The match play person that lost the hole said they would like to play
  10. Erin Hills may be one of my favorite courses of all time. If you have an extra night after Sand Valley I would play a round in the afternoon, then 36 the following day if you have time. We are a group of 8 right now in Kohler and we played Erin our first morning then drove over.
  11. Playing twice tomorrow and will provide a recap and pics after the round. Wondered around the first tee this afternoon and the buzz was special, something I've never felt before at a golf course. Excited would be an understatement and can't really put my emotions into words.
  12. With all this being cooped up, my wife and I were planning to play the Mesquite Amateur at the end of this month...since they aren't sure about hotels being open, we are heading to BD at the end of the month instead. We have 5 days of golf booked with a replays on BD on day 3 and SR on our last day. The preparation for potential weather is making our heads spin. I assume the best course of action is layers, good shoes, good socks. I've golfed my whole life and my wife has played for the last 5 years but has almost 100 rounds per year. We are pumped and any additional advice that isn't in
  13. Getting redundant here...awesome looking clubs and I'm sure they will sell quickly
  14. Sounds like TPC is carrying their party image throughout the year, not just for the WM Open. I'll report back after the round if the speakers become a battle of louder music.
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