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  1. I was thinking that. But.... Problem with that is in parts of the hosel I get messurements wider than 370. It feels pretty tight with a brass shim. But I can’t wiggle it and feel tiny little .004” nicks surrounding the shaft. But I feel like epoxy and shafting beads should fill it right?
  2. So i got the heads and they're in new wrapper and look brand new- I dont know what a new hosel looks like on the inside but it looks somewhat brown, but like its been cleaned well. HOWEVER- the hosel measures differently throughout it. i got measurements with my digital calipers under .370 (as low as .355) and as high as .385. near the entrance of the hosel there looks to be a wider space for a collared ferrule. Cobra says they never made flyz + irons with anything but .355" hosels via email now (but when I called some guy said they might be universal) Unfortunate
  3. So I ordered some new in the wrapper cobra fly z plus heads from an ebay seller- assuming I would drop in my KBS tour 120 shafts (the kbs tour 115 R+ and 125 S+) came stock with these when they came out. Didn't realize the .370 til after I ordered- I called cobra and they left me on hold for like 30 minutes and came back and said no we didn't make those with a .370" hosel- then golf works site says the cobra fly z forged custom sets (which isn't a real club name) came with super lightweight graphite shafts and .370 hosels. So the heads are new in wrapped for sure- but it looks to
  4. This is a thing? Modern drivers made to feel like persimmon? if you want a more forgiving persimmon driver check out some of the Louisville golf stuff. Not cheap but definitely some of the most modern persimmon stuff.
  5. By the way I’m not saying he’s wrong. But I really can’t find much on this. And what I’ve found alludes to their Forged at endos Chinese factory and nothing about s20c steel (which I’ve read doesn’t really mean much). Are these Nike vr pro forged clubs on the Bridgestone, EPON, Tourstage level in feel and playability? Or should I move on? I’m a big fan of Tourstage and bridgestone as a steep attack compressor of the ball I really get my rocks off on that 1020 pured feeling. Even more so than Miura. I love the look of these sets and the pocket long irons with the dg pro shafts
  6. I found a seller claiming his Nike vr pro combos were jdm made and forged at endo out of their “standard s20c” which I know endo doesn’t have any standard steel composition as I’ve played plenty of endo 1025 and 1020. anyways I asked him how I could confirm these are endo forged. Any differences in design, finish, markings, receipts. Like the Taylor made endos are very different looking with tons of tell tales. here’s the link https://www.ebay.com/itm/124375616557 here’s my exchange with him
  7. I'm switching from blades to some more forgiving cavities- I can only get 6-gw in the new set. and I currently play mizuno st 190 driver, epic flash 3 wood 15*, cobra f6 baffler 5 wood (18.5*) , cobra f6 hybrid at 22* (or the utility iron around the same loft depending on needs) - the 6 iron in the set is 29* but with quite a bit of tech- but very low offset and a medium thin top line even if I could get the 5 in the set I'm thinking something a bit more forgiving- id really like another cobra utility but in 24-27* (I've tried a lot of utility irons and I absolutely love this one-
  8. I pulled the trigger on a low priced set of Taylormade RAC MB’s 3-pw with kbs c taper (mostly to try the ctaper in a club I’m familiar with from back in the day). I didn’t even notice the satin finish and the complete absence of the milling marks on face and back of head. Then the 3-9 say only “forged” on the hosel (the pw is shiny With coin forged and milling marks and matches my gap wedge). then I notice the offset looks consistent something id read about the Miura produced RAC cbs. I’ve seen one little blurb that miura did indeed do some rac mb (not combo) sets in 1-9 irons with
  9. Sorry to bring up an old thread. But miura also said he didn’t make tigers Nike’s. And the current vp of miura USA would honestly probably have no idea what happened in 2000 (I would definitely research and know if I had the job- and I’d definitely tell people they aren’t miura forged- because these sets go for the price of a single or maybe 2 new miura clubs)
  10. so you’re saying all these but the pitching wedge were miura forged? For sure? they all look to be 2mm offset. Or they are very minimally progressive offset. I’m 95% sure they’re all 2mm as the 3 iron looks minimal offset and the 9 iron looks like a lot of offset is This info confirmed anywhere. I hit them today and even with the kbs ctapers (a shaft I couldn’t even come close to hitting in titleist 716cb and those were just the 115 r+). They felt soft and amazing. And the ctapers just seemed super long and flat trajectory combined with a bit of the old rising on the
  11. I picked up some taylormade rac mbs on eBay. I honestly got them for the kbs c taper shafts and basically some free blade heads. Given that my favorite gap wedge is a rac mb 52 with 8* bounce. so I get them today and I notice they don’t have any milling on face or back, they’re satin finished And they don’t say coin forged. They just say forged. The pw is by far the most worn and it says coin forged and is chrome actually. But 3-9 just say forged with satin and no milling. The’n the 5-7 have 2mm stamped on the hosel. As someone that has wanted the rac miura cbs forever I’m getti
  12. I have a louisville golf niblick 5 (model with metal ferrule— no whipping). That broke clean off right at the top of the ferrule- I suspect the weak flimsy 20 years ago quality shaft (which they called their premium shaft that they still use today). They want like $80 for a steel shaft install. Does anyone have any experience with these things? I’ve done Modern club reshafts on everything from hybrids, irons, utility irons, drivers and fairways. But never a persimmon. or I’d just like to mail someone this club and a shaft and have a pro do it. I also have 3 honma persimmons that I’d li
  13. have a louisville golf niblick 5 wood that the shaft broke clean off right at the ferrule (yes there’s a metal ferrule thing on this instead of whipping ). I called louisville golf because I live in Louisville but they won’t let me drop it off because of covid. Said I could ship it though (dumb) and then said it would be $80!! For a steel shaft. And I honestly believe it was because the graphite shaft was their stock shaft and it was super flimsy and weak for such a heavy head club. Launched wayyyyy too high. Like seriously had gap wedge trajectory. Great club for getting over trees thou
  14. donate the money and I’ll put donate it to The grip charity of your choice. Golf equipment is the most ludicrously uncharged product in the history of the universe. The way you write this makes me think you don’t have any experience with Winn dri tacs. I may be wrong though. Have you specifically removed Winn dri tac grips with the v grip? They are different than other grips. They have an under listing that is not very flexible so compressed air would be about the last thing I’d think to do
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