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  1. No idea, hopefully somebody else can chime in. Also found this: Looks like they left the face raw, like the MG2
  2. New Hi Toe, found on Rakuten: Looks like they have a raw face too
  3. Not sure about the MG line, but new Hi Toes are on the way apparently. Mentioned in the "Taylormade 2021 - NOT Sim" thread. Found this picture on Rakuten of the new Hi Toe:
  4. If anyone wants to see a picture of the Epic Max, search for user "allgolfequipment" on Instagram
  5. Rumours of an i59 are out there (iBlade replacement) for an early 2021 release. Check these threads
  6. That's what I'm thinking. Limited release Rev33 version being 100% milled...which explains the price tag (look at Seven Golf's fully milled MB/CB also ~$4500USD & PXG's fully milled blades/wedges). Fully machining these out of a block of carbon steel would take quite a bit of time (read: money). Then the Forged MB version nick posted will be the big retail release. Don't see any milling lines on this version, so price likely in line with their usual MB. I wonder if there's a corresponding CB in the plans too (to fit between the MB and MiM Forged Tour)?
  7. Thanks for sacrificing a ball and posting this! Glad to see the v2.0 isn't just a new box. Looking forward to reading some performance reviews. I have an unopened double dozen of the original 3 piece that I'll likely exchange for the v2.0 if they've solved the high driver and iron spin issues.
  8. Good eye! Anyone know what's new with the 2.0 three-piece ball? Or try them out? Hopefully some of the cover durability issues have been fixed, and the abnormally high spin.
  9. Here's what Xander was playing today (courtesy of Getty images). Look very similar to the new Apex irons seen in Sam Burns' bag recently, but likely a bit more compact. Low resolution image but pretty sure it says "Pro" under Apex. Edit: They appear to only say Apex (clearer in today's Getty images)
  10. Was just going to post this, thanks! The 2nd Swing guys always do a good, thorough review (deserve more subscribers IMO). They had plenty of positive things to say about both the MB and X Forged CB. Worth a watch. Here's their review of the UT as well:
  11. Monte, I'm assuming this is your answer for Rbsiedsc's question (about preset) above my post, correct? My post was asking about having a strong left hand grip and Cast A. Is a bit of L wrist extension remaining after Cast A okay (if the face is square)? And any differences needed in Cast A for a strong LH grip? Cheers!
  12. Monte, a related question but about the lead/left hand: I play with a strong LH grip, would it be okay to have a bit of extension remaining in the left wrist after Cast A (assuming the face is square)? Any recommendations (or differences) WRT to Cast A for us strong lead hand grippers in general? Flexion and supination of the lead wrist/arm are not possible for me due to an old wrist injury, which is why I ask. Thanks!
  13. Noticed these in one of the 2020 Shriners picture threads today (Tues #1) in Wyndham Clark's bag. 0211 FB (Gen 2?) irons. On first glance, an improvement over the original 0211's looks-wise IMO. Anyone have any more info? What's the FB stand for?
  14. Seems to me (and someone in the know correct me if I'm wrong) that Callaway is consolidating the X Forged and Apex Pro models into the X Forged CB. X Forged has always been a 1 piece forging, and this new version is 4 piece (according to the Japanese website) with a welded on face, much like the previous Apex Pro. So their players lineup will be: Apex MB, X Forged CB, and Apex (?)
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