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  1. Looks like this one, posted by @JohnnyCallaway
  2. Yep, TCB's and Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS based on this Getty image
  3. A few more pictures from the gram. Not sure these have been posted, apologies if so: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXj3HaGvUYl/
  4. That seems to be the only Fli-Hi review out at the moment
  5. Gave mine the "tour only" brushed satin treatment shortly after I got them (green Scotch Brite pad + 220 grit sandpaper + elbow grease). Before (top) vs after (bottom):
  6. Those are the 2011 Nike VR Pro Combos, I currently play a set. B = blades (8i-P) S = split cavity (5i-7i) P = pocket cavity (3i-4i) Great set of irons!
  7. Thanks for posting. I really want/need to see them next to a ball for scale though! It was mentioned in another thread (by a poster who has seen them in person) that they're quite large heel to toe, GI iron sized almost... https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1839185-haywood-golf-new-blades/?do=findComment&comment=23847339
  8. Any chance you can post some pictures of the new MB & CB at address WITH a ball? Would be good to get a sense of the relative size of them. They look very nice! Also, would be neat to see how the milling process is done too. Thanks!
  9. Like a modern day Nike VR Pro (Combo)? Yes please! I wonder if the CB/SC are hollow or solid?
  10. Was just about to post this! Based on that quick glance, they look very similar to the Haywood 100's, but I'm guessing they're not milled? Don't see any obvious signs of milling. Maybe they're the new Signature MB (hopefully with less offset than the current version)? If that's a traditional CB in the background (ie. not hollow body)...these could make a great combo set. Intriguing!
  11. Offset and face progression are inversely related. The larger the FP, the smaller the offset. FP is the measurement from the centre of the hosel to the leading edge (anything around 5mm or more = ~no offset) Edit: here's a helpful visual
  12. That's odd. Here's what I was referring to anyway:
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