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  1. I know this thread is about the new drivers, but is the players CB you're referring to the King Tour (w/ MiM) that appeared in another thread a couple months back, or something that we haven't seen yet (replacing the King CB)? Thanks
  2. Good eye and good guess, but it looks like he was playing one of the "W Labs" protos this week (has an adjustable hosel too). Some of the graphics appear to be similar to the D9 posted above though...maybe Steele's is a preview of the LS/Tour/better players version in the new range?
  3. You might be right! Possibly just a bit of dirt on the toe, my bad.
  4. A couple more (grainy) pictures below. Looks like Burns is rocking a combo set. Long irons have a screw in the toe (regular Apex?), but others do not (Apex Pro? Similar looking cavity). I think the last pic in my initial post might be X-Forged? Cavity looks much smaller, with no discernable black lines like the two Apex.
  5. Good eye! Below is a slightly more zoomed in and higher res picture, plus a few others. It appears Burns has the new Apex (and Apex Pro?) in the bag this week. Apex appear to have a screw in the toe. Possibly new X-Forged too (the last image)? Can anyone who has seen the new line confirm?
  6. Out of curiosity, does anyone know from which point they measure the blade length? Is it from where the grooves end on the heel side, or does it extend beyond this point?
  7. From Srixon's UK website. Not an in-hand picture, but should give a good idea of the offset
  8. Depends almost entirely on your grip. If you have a strong left hand grip, then a cupped wrist is perfectly fine (and technically sound) since the club face will still be square. A strong grip usually necessitates more of a "drive-hold" release through the ball (ie. quieter hands, less forearm roll, more "hold off" feel), which is what it sounds like your pro is recommending. Zach Johnson has one of the strongest left hand grips on tour, which is why the cupped left wrist and hold-off looking release work for him. However, if you have a neutral (or weak) l
  9. The guys at 2nd Swing did a comprehensive testing of the entire JPX 921 line, worth a watch if you're considering them
  10. Not a step back in quality, but D7 Forged is definitely in a different category than the true player's cavity V6. D7 Forged are considered a player's distance/power iron (30.5 degree 7i). If you're willing to be patient, Wilson is apparently working on the replacement for the V6, which should be out sooner than later (hopefully).
  11. The closest you'll find has to be the current Cobra King Forged CB's. A solid, forged cavity back, with tungsten inserts for MOI & CG placement, about the same blade length/size as the V6 (compact!), even the muscle is the same shape. They only come in black though, so if that's not your thing the other options mentioned above are worth considering. Wilson really needs to update the V6 though, it's been out for 4+ years if I'm not mistaken. There's been rumours of an update in the next year or so, but who knows.
  12. Those look sweet, thanks for sharing. I had no idea DBM could be removed with a simple vinegar soak and scrub. Knowing firsthand how durable it is, I always assumed it would take something heavy duty. Since seeing your post I noticed Ryan Barath's video about removing the DBM on his Cobra irons, and I've seen some pictures of Hogan Icon (DBM) blades stripped to raw too. Wish I knew this before I installed the new shafts in my Tour MG wedges! Would've played them raw going forward, now that they're on their 4th season (still going strong!) This really make
  13. Notice the font differences (a, r, M, d, e all very different, rounded), in addition to the logo. The pictures above match these fakes.
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