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  1. I tried searching but that function isn't too great. Are there any good dinner recommendations outside of the resort? Either in Bandon or Coos Bay, with maybe a sunset Pacific view as the cherry on top? Just looking for a good spot to grab dinner on the way from PDX to Bandon. Thanks!
  2. Perfect! That’s exactly the type of advice I was fishing for. Thank you both!
  3. Are there any pitfalls of hopping off I-5 in Eugene and taking the highway to Florence and then heading south? My group has never seen the Pacific Ocean and I think that drive would be a fun way to start the trip, but we don’t have a ton of extra time to get to Bandon. Any pros and cons on the best/funnest way to drive from PDX to Bandon?
  4. Thank you for the reply. I will proceed with reservations. Do you guys typically make your dinner reservations for after the sun has set? I’d hate to mess up a perfect afternoon of golf just because we had dinner plans.
  5. I called the resort today about something else but I asked the receptionist about dinner reservations and she says they strongly recommended them. From what I have taken from this post that most prefer the ease and convenience of McKee's Pub so I was not going to bother with reservations for our group of 3, but now I'm worried that is a bad choice. I like the idea of not having an agenda other than golf and juts eating whenever we want, but during this time should I play it safe and make dinner reservations to be safe?
  6. So the upright setting on the right is 3 degrees, but if I got left to -1.5 loft, does the lie go more/less/same upright? That’s what I’m trying to get to the bottom of. Thanks for the info!
  7. I have searched everywhere online and cannot find what I’m looking for. I recently pulled the head on my GAPR Lo (17) and noticed the loft sleeve indicates that the lie angle can be changed by adjusting the loft but I cannot find a manual that gives me a correlation between loft and lie angles. Does the lie angle continue more upright as you decrease the loft in this club? If so that is going to be a game changer for me.
  8. I got fit into a KBS Prototype 95x which is flawless for me but I want to try one of the other stick shafts they are offering since I have to pay for it anyways before I throw the KBS in there.
  9. I hit the Gen 2 PXG hybrid today and it was one of the best feeling clubs I’ve ever hit. Wasn’t able to get fit into any of the stock shaft offerings they have so I wanted to see what people thought about the stock shafts, specifically in X flex. Aldila NV Green, Project X Smoke and Fuji Pro 2.0. I’m high SS with a snappy transition if anyone can say which of those shafts would probably fit me the best.
  10. You may need lower loft yes, but I recently put a KBS Prototype Hybrid shaft into my ZU85 3 iron and it’s now hands down the best and most consistent club in my bag. Before that shaft I almost just got rid of the club. *note: you have to bore out the Srixon hosel to .370” to fit that shaft just in case anyone decides to try this combo
  11. Just to pile on, I’m playing at 44” and D6 head-weight. My SS did not drop a bit and I have never driven it better, distance and dispersion. Another thing for me is mentally with the shorter shaft in my hand I feel like I can really go after it when I need to and I don’t often get punished for it.
  12. Bridgestone BX and TM TP5
  13. Is there any way to tell if my ferrule is sliding up the shaft or if my adapter is pulling out of the shaft by just looking at it?
  14. That’s a nice bonus too! I only have a couple of rounds in with my new irons so I’m eager to have the VC going after 5 rounds to help me dial new new distances in.
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