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  1. Anyone here have some hidden gyms you could recommend playing? I will be visiting the area in December and really don't feel like dealing with tons of golfers. I know there has to be some courses that are not heavily dominated by tourists and the RESORT crowd.
  2. Yes and that is how the gentleman I mentioned before built his client base, with word of mouth. One guy goes starts playing better, then tells another guy , and its a domino effect. Doesn't hurt either that you are the only golf store in town that sells golf equipment.
  3. Yes so if a guy decided to open up his own golf store and already had a business background on how to run a business, I don't really see why they would need to go through the PGA program to make that business successful. Its just a different product they are selling to the public.
  4. Have a question.... Its a simple one. Is the PGA of America the best route into becoming a teaching professional? If a guy wants to teach for a living or make a second form of income through teaching such as buying up his own driving range somewhere and running the show himself, or opening his own golf shop, is becoming a PGA pro the way to go? Or is there another route he can take that would be a better option? Lets look at age for example. There is a requirement I believe where a person who is looking to be certified through the PGA has to have attended college for
  5. But that was a long time ago. If you look at the last couple years I think Streelman has been the more consistent player.
  6. I remember when I was in my early 20's and living in the Orlando area. I knew a strip joint (THEE DOLL HOUSE) over on Orange Blossom Trail that Ted always hung out at on Friday nights, so I would go there because I looked up to him. This was in 2000 and he was still a pretty well known name on the PGA Tour at the time. Plus who doesn't like looking at naked women everywhere when sipping on a cocktail? I refused to get lap dances because I was not there for that purpose. Ted and I had shared a few words with one another here and there which at the time I thought was pretty neat for a 21 year o
  7. Since we are on the subject of Streelman, who has had the better career overall? Kevin or Zach Johnson? Zach won the Masters but overall who's had a better career? Which one would you choose?
  8. Some interesting trivia about Kevin... Kevin's high school golf coach once admitted that when Kevin was in high school that he would never make it as a pro. He turned pro in 2001 and went through Q-school 7 times before getting his card for the first time back in 2008. Imagine all the guys out there who would have given up the dream and be working as a financial advisor somewhere if they would have been in Kevin's shoes.
  9. Actually I believe other than Webb you gotta put Charles Howell up there as well. He should have many more wins than he does right now. Probably the best ball striker on tour pound for pound.
  10. Watch the stress they put on their knees at impact compared to the way the swing was being taught 30 years ago. I'm not a fan of it and it will cause players to have shorter careers than in the past. I remember back in 2001 my coach predicted all the physical problems Tiger ended up having due to the way he swung the golf club. P.S. The pro game sucks now its like professional wrestling when you compare it to 30 years ago.
  11. Game is good but his swing looks like he's a 10 handicap. Horrible move but it works.
  12. I still remember when I watched him dominate and win the John Deere Classic and was the next big thing. I don't even think he would win that event ever again no matter if he was in the field. His time has passed.
  13. Which events would you eliminate if you were tour commissioner ?
  14. I completely understand that being a good player on any pro tour takes dedication. I'm not expecting a player to go out and get shit faced every single night, but only a naïve individual would think all these guys do is go to the golf course, and then go back to their rooms directly after. Are there players out there that are so introverted that they do that? OF course. But then you have some guys who enjoy balancing their life and having a little fun on tour. They will go out on a Tuesday night and knock a few down and have a nice meal, sing a few songs. Surprisingly there are some that even
  15. LOL I'd much rather look at the sea and if you are going to tell me you can't balance a little fun with being a pro golfer you are nuts. Just because you stop at the pub after a practice round early in the week and have a couple beers with a little Irish music doesn't mean you not going to stay competitive. Darren Clarke did that his entire career and he made a nice living. NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO BE THE NUMBER 1 PLAYER IN THE WORLD. They are happy being just a good player, not great. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.
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