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  1. I have one in my driver shaft and when pull out the surface part is broke. Is this cause by the tip weight or anything else?
  2. I'm looking for 3 wood that easy to hit and launch low enough to play in windy condition. Is tightlies fit my desire? Some says non-tour version is very easy to hit but also launch so high and spin a lot , so Is the tour version gonna be a good option?
  3. Guys like Tiger,Rory are already long before they start gaining tons of muscle and strength. And I believe stretching back or hips to turn more isn't a good option since more movement mean less consistent right? So is strength training really help in term of distance? Or just help you dig it from rough and any other abnormal situation?
  4. My ss with driver is around 110 .Lookiing to get one in my fairway wood, don't know if I should go for 7s or 7x.
  5. Should the left arm connect to body in the takeaway position(Henrik stenson,Justin Rose)? I believe it should but there are good ball striker leave the space between there left arm and body(Dustin Johnson,Steve Stricker,Lee Min Woo). So is there a reason why they flare left armpit in stead of getting it close to their body? !
  6. > @howellhandmade said: > > @kolomoia said: > > > @glk said: > > > Make a deeper turn with the right hip. Looks a bit restricted. Deeper turn will also help keep the right hip back in transition since now it comes out to early and blocks the arms. > > > > Nice point, but is that help me from back pain? > > Yes, actually, or at least possibly. The modern “X-factor” swing, or restricting the hip turn in order to maximize the tension between lower and upper body, has been blamed for more than one bad back. Thank you very much! Can't
  7. > @glk said: > Make a deeper turn with the right hip. Looks a bit restricted. Deeper turn will also help keep the right hip back in transition since now it comes out to early and blocks the arms. Nice point, but is that help me from back pain?
  8. My new swing is feeling better and better. I'm working on tilting and keeping my arms around the body. but now I felt more tension in my lower back. It's not very bad but I'm not comfortable and I don't want to risk it in a long term. Can anyone explain or give a suggestion? Is there a way that I can keep swinging like this (or little change) and not hurting myself? thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56TSKmux-RY&feature=youtu.be
  9. > @balls_deep said: > I'd say test because they feel different for sure... yellow being counterbalanced and black being more tip heavy. The TXG guys say that Ping heads for example work well with counterbalanced unless you love a heavy swingweight because the heads weigh a bit more than most. All a feel thing and I'd certainly recommend trying on monitor if you can. Would like to play with heavier swingweight because The length i prefer is shorter than standard.
  10. > @Valtiel said: > I'm not sure what 4-wood you are using, but if you can just simply knock off a little loft. If you already love the feel of the Motore and it works well then don't change. That is already a pretty low/low shaft so I doubt you would see much performance difference and all a "lower spin" shaft is going to do is potentially decrease dynamic loft at impact, so go the safe route and lower the loft yourself and save some money. Any time you here pros talking about their equipment and they address launch or spin issues with a club, they are always talking about tweaking loft
  11. My SS is around 110-112 with driver ,Now I'm using motore vc 7.2 flex-x (tipped 1 inch @ 41.75) in my 4 wood. Looking to reduce spin a little but really love the feel of Motore. Is Project x HZRDUS black or yellow 75G flex 6.5 being a good option? Many say it's very stout and my swing tempo is not very aggressive. Is it as stout as grafalloy blue or UST proforce v2 in the same flex?
  12. > @justasgood said: > Been talked about over and over.......Hitting a 5 iron stamped as a 7 iron with technology makes it possible. Hitting a 7 iron 170yrds from a set gapped with a 48* PW is a big 7. Hitting a 7 iron 180-190 yrds gapped from a 46/45 PW easy peasy.... don't think so ,tiger woods using 7 iron at 36 degrees Rose is playing at 35 very standard if not weak and a lot weaker than today's standard. I think most pros also using standard loft too.
  13. IMO Finau is a great example of how long driver should swing to play in pga tour. Cut backswing length in half. I believe smaller movement is better than smoother tempo. But what can I say, He's much better golfer than me...
  14. I remembered those day when pga tour players hit their 7 iron 170 yards maybe 10-15 years ago but now even average length players hit it 180-190 and guys like DJ,Rory can carry it past 200 with little effort. Just wonder what's happening because blade iron doesn't seem to evolve very much right? Or today's players just getting much stronger?
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