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  1. My putting has been the best its ever been coming from a NP2 to a 5.5. Not a huge sample size but I find my alignment is better and just generally more confident over the ball.
  2. Hideki - Lamkin Deep Etched Cord Woodland - Superstroke Pistol
  3. I hit them roughly the same distance which I think is a testament to how sneaky long the ZX7s are for being less tech packed than the Apex Pro's. Essentially the same lofts, same 41* 9iron and a 1* difference in the other irons is negligible. Feel is miles better in the ZX7s, when I'm hitting a hollow iron I can never really tell what ball I'm hitting so that might explain your ball note. Apex Pros are generally a hair more forgiving, especially in the long irons.
  4. A ball change is going to be your easiest cheapest option. With your speed lack of spin is probably more indicative of your launch conditions than your iron shafts, shafts don't spin. But if you want spin going to irons that are more traditionally lofted is the most obvious fix, T100, P7MC and 620CB are spinniest heads I've hit, w/ T100 being the most forgiving.
  5. kwainio

    ZX7 vs T100

    ZX7s felt better and were longer for me than T100s, looks were a push for me.
  6. If Spieth can rise from the dead, Rory can too. He will be fine.
  7. Greyson polos, Kjus pants. Thats been the combo for a while.
  8. Had my first couple rounds w/ my TSi3 3 wood in the bag, and boy am I impressed. I went TSi3 because I wanted a lower trajectory tee club, and the adjustability was an added bonus. It's for sure a rocket launcher off the tee but I also hit it into two par 5's today, on in two both times, could easily shaped a high fade with it too. So so good.
  9. I thought they were awesome, super pretty and had a surprising amount of pop, but there is no way I'd play them in a 4, 5, or 6 iron. There's a pretty big gap in Taylormade's lineup between the P770 and the P7MC, but that's what combo sets are for I guess or just get a set of the old P760s.
  10. Yup have a bunch of these in different colours and they're great.
  11. So when I had a DF in my driver I played an Accra TZ6 in my 3 wood. Really loved that shaft & sort of regret selling it.. Ended up going Ventus Blue now for a hair more launch in the driver, but for sure would game a DF again.
  12. You'll for sure get some more distance out of Apex Pros but at a sacrifice for feel/sound & spin IMO. I found the T100s to be super spinny, especially in the short irons. The Apex Pros have some of the "clicky-ness" to them as you move through the mid & long irons, different than the T100's which like one of the other poster's said is like a "whack". Both are solid but unless you're looking for some more distance I'd stick with the T100's.
  13. Alright, as someone who was in your exact same position just over a year ago I urge you to not go super expensive with shafts. I got fit for a whole new bag of clubs last February, was a 16 at the time. I was sort of smart & had a budget, so I got retrofitted on my irons & hybrid, but got new wedges, 3 wood and driver w/ pretty expensive upcharge shafts. At the time it was a huge upgrade for my game (obviously) but fast forward a year later & due to covid, lessons, speed training, playing 165+ rounds of golf in 2020 & being a overall golf lunatic I dropped my handic
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