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  1. Who has preferred New or Old. I play typically play Callaway Supersoft or Titleist trusoft and can buy like new condition for.50 cents a ball at Play it again sports and work well for me.
  2. I love to play hickory so if you ever need to get rid of some more than glad to pay shipping
  3. I'm currently playing strange set up of all original Taylormade Metal head Burner plus. Bag is. Driver 10.5 Spoon 13 3 wood 15 4 wood 18 5 wood 21 1972 Hogan Apex equalizer Bullseye putter Titleist Sunday Bag.
  4. Played a Vintage 1 club challenge today had to be made before 1990. I played a Muirfield 20th 6 iron shot 45.
  5. Got a short set of Hickorys built for me last winter and was supposed to play an event this spring that Covid nixed finally thos June get another chance. Can't wait. Hope I don't play to terrible because this is all still new to me.
  6. Was messing around in used club bin at play it again sports and decided to put together a minimalist bag for fun with strange clubs and see what I shoot for 9 holes. Original Tight lies 16 degrees fairway Perfect club 21 degree Alien 2 wedge Taylormade Raylor putter Ping moonlite bag
  7. What is the average distance the average person typically hits each club.
  8. My arthritis has gotten worse have tried different grip but the most success I have found is with 2 gloves. Never really liked playing with gloves at all but this has made it easier to grip club.
  9. My left hand pis getting worse with arthritis and now have developed trigger finger. Have tried everything different grip and different club grips. Anyone else have any tips to help. Thanks
  10. Joined a local course that allows both me and wife to walk all we want for $65 a month,old bent grass greens but roll true. 6300 yards. Hard fairways but lots of fun.
  11. Have broke out my 845 wedges 48- 60 and have loved how consistently they each hit.
  12. I know it's been a while but I would love the Australian
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