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  1. Will these patina like a ping eye 2 copper?
  2. Played there Thursday morning. Greens were unreal! They were giving out the boards and scoters for free. They run out of carts so be careful. I used this coupon for 135 a player. Worked perfectly. 235 was rack rate when I went.https://golfmoose.com/product/monarch-beach-golf-links/
  3. City, Sate? Redondo Beach, CAHandicap? 15.2Current golf ball? Titleist AVXWhat would you improve with your current ball? Price and more spin/touch on the chipsWould you use a subscription golf ball program? YesHow far do you carry your driver and 7i? Driver 240-260 7i 160Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Yes!
  4. I've played there plenty. It's just real warm out there right now, and my knees are not in the best shape. Thanks for the help.
  5. Were they letting carts out at Tustin?
  6. Did they have carts for everyone?
  7. That is exactly what I heard.
  8. Negative on the umbrella. There was a beverage cart rolling around.
  9. I played there yesterday. No shade, no benches to sit on. It was rough. The walk is easy there, but the heat was pretty bad.
  10. Srixon z785 7i 32* Miura Baby Blades 7i 34* I wanted to change the loft on the Miura's, but was told that it would affect the offset, and was talked out of it.
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