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  1. Please DM me about epic max ls. I am interested but could not send you a message.
  2. I play 8-p in titleist mb. They give me a bit more control over ball flight. I can see why people would combo 4-8 and then 9-p for that little more control on those shorter irons compared to forgiveness in longer irons.
  3. And taylormade offers 6r in their custom shop
  4. Mitsubishi fubuki has a similar feel to the non velocore ventus. In my opinion nothing feels nearly as good as a velocore ventus.
  5. I love this new forum. It is a lot more convenient than the last one. I just wish there will be more giveaway.
  6. 2009 PGA Championship because YE Yang is the first asian golfer who won a major.
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