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  1. So curious if the bore depth of the hosel in iblades is the same as i210s? Just making sure that if I pull shafts out of iblades that they’ll play the same in i210s. thanks?
  2. So currently have TI S400 in the wedges and love them honestly but just curious about trying something different. Was thinking KBS Tours. The reason I say 130 X is just cause weight is similar all the while being a different profile but was thinking about doing the 8i shaft in the wedges just to hopefully add a little bit of height and spin but not dead set on it. Open to anyones experience with a similar jump in shafts. Also I’m not 100 percent of the 130X. Willing to try 125 S+ or anything that makes sense! thanks
  3. Anyone have any insight on how they perform against one another? Forgiveness, feel, etc? thanks
  4. Looking for a straight stroke lab shaft only. .370 tip diameter and preferably 34” but just let me know what you got! thanks
  5. Looking for a low launch low spin 85 gram or heavier hybrid shaft for a 2 iron I’m experimenting with. Not really brand specific. thanks
  6. How big of a difference is there between the zx5 and zx7s in the long irons? Is it a big enough difference for someone to drop the 7s and put in the 5s? I currently have the ZX7 4-PW and am coming from i210s. Any advice? thanks
  7. As the title says I’m looking to soft step C tapers 125s once and was curious on how much of a difference there will be? thanks
  8. Just out of curiosity what type of ferrule works with ZX7 irons? Are they collard? thanks
  9. So as the title says I’m looking for anyone with insight on the wedge shafts in the MMT line up? I currently have the 125 TX in my irons and TI S400 in the wedges. Love the S400s but just curious on how the MMT hold up? thanks
  10. Look up Kick stand putters on Instagram! Ken is awesome! kickstandputters.com
  11. Noticing on callaways website that a lot of Toulon models are “not available” ? Curious about any new in the works? thanks
  12. Driver: G400 LST 8.5 (neutral setting) Evenflow Black 75g 6.5 3 wood: Titleist 917 15 (B1) Tensei Orange CK Pro 70 X Irons: Ping i210 4-PW (Orange Dot) Project X Rifle 6.5 Wedges: Vokey SM8 50.12F , 56.14F (@55), 60.08M Putter: White Hot Pro #3 Iomic Putter Grip Grips: Tour Velvet Ball: Pro V1
  13. So as the title says the #3 shape. What putter out there has the most identical shape while either being fully milled or similar feeling insert? I know they have stroke labs that were the same shape but terrible feel. Any suggestions? thanks
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