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  1. It’s remarkable how they could mess up such a classic shoe. The AM1 is definitely better by comparison. I’ve been searching eBay and closeouts for colorways I don’t have. I’d rather they just re-released the original AM90s from a few years back. At least those actually felt like a golf shoe and weren’t cheaply constructed.
  2. I have 8 pairs of the AM1’s from ‘18-‘20 and I simply realized they’re superior to the AM90’s. I sent my 90’s back as well. I may still go for the Infrareds just for collection/special events but I’ll have to get them on NDC right at the drop as I’m sure the flippers market will have them going for $250+.
  3. The 2018-2019 AM1s were perfect for the retro look, wearability and non traditional style. All leather and essentially waterproof...not sure why the need to go toward mesh/“other material” for the 2020s and now the AM90s. It’s just disappointing knowing white is the base color for a majority of the colorways and there have been issues with cleaning/yellowing no matter what’s used. Golf can be a messy sport but cleaning the shoe shouldn’t be such a daunting task for the amount of money spent.
  4. Yes they’re mesh. Very disappointing. They look just like the mesh on the AM1s. The material on the grey ones listed above look very different than my white ones.
  5. For me, yes. I wear 10.5 in my traditional Air Max 90’s and in my Air Max 1Gs. These, however, feel loose, in my opinion. To each their own, I guess.
  6. Received my Air Max 90s today. They run about a half size large. I’m a 10.5 in everything Nike and my feet are moving around in them while walking. The mesh is also similar to the 2020 Air Max 1’s, which was a little bit of a pain to clean. The studs on the bottom aren’t big at all. In reality you could probably just wear a pair of regular 90s and not know the difference. Sigh.
  7. Is it your birthday month? I think it might automatically be applied as it happened when I scooped up some AM90s. My birthday was on the 13th.
  8. Man, what a letdown after 2020’s release.
  9. Nike Weatherized Pants work well. Insulated too. The product code is AR4271. IF you can get your hands on some they’re really comfortable and resist water. I’ve had the best luck on Mercari, eBay and local Nike outlets.
  10. Can anyone add information about the white staying clean in mud? Easily cleaned or will they stain? Some of the older shoes with similar look/material tended to stay stained no matter how hard you tried to clean them.
  11. I wore these when I played in an event that had nearly 150 people and I had at least 25 people comment how awesome the shoes were and ask where I got them.
  12. Picked up a pair of these today. Had the 2019’s and returned them figuring they were a splurge spend and didn’t have to have them. Regretted it the moment I mailed them back. It’s crazy the 2019’s are going for 275 on StockX and 300 on eBay.
  13. A couple of cold wash cloths in the cooler go a long way when it’s hot. Putting them on your neck/face between shots/holes is nice. Also be sure to drink a lot of water the day/night before. Hydration starts prior to exercise not during. Replenish often during the round.
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