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  1. All winter I have been patiently waiting for the weather to allow me to play a round, or at the very to least hit the driving range. I wandered into the local golf shop a few weeks ago to buy a new bag and to get about 30 minutes in on their SkyTrac, to hopefully find my swing again, since there has been too much time for practicing. After I took a few swings at it and was looking at the monitor to see how bad my slice was, a guy who couldn't have been anymore than early 30s MAYBE. He offered to show me a few things with my swing and of course I was willing take all the help I could get, the g
  2. Tiger is one of the most popular and well known athletes in the world. Can you imagine the letters and notes he gets daily? I couldn't even begin to fathom the celebrity level TW has attained. As if he owes something to Gregg Norman. God forbid, if he acts like a human being and you just so happen to be someone that he doesn't really care for and would rather not associate with, for his own reasons, he definitely doesn't owe anyone an explanation.. GN running around here like TW needs to drop everything he is doing at that second and appease this unhealthy obsession this guy seems to have. smh
  3. > @links242 said: > Never tried playing alone before. Do you guys walk or cart? For me it depends on how much money I feel like spending that day. However, if I do decide to play 18 I will take a cart.
  4. > @Hawkeye77 said: > Rodney Dangerfield was scared! HAHAHAHAHAHA
  5. I played alone for the first time at a golf course down the road from my house. Man was it relaxing. I made some of the most beautiful shots I have ever hit. One in particular, there is a downed tree on the course that they leave there as an extra obstacle. Of course I drove right behind it off the tee. I could have very easily kicked the ball past the tree but thought that I would see how my flop shots looked. I get out my 58 SW and watched as the ball went straight up and over right in front of the green, one more chip onto the green within 3 feet of of the hole for a par. Best shot I hit al
  6. I'm by no means a rules expert, but as someone playing on the professional level, regardless if you were out for a while or not, wouldn't one of the first things you do is look at the rule changes? I'm not calling her a liar by any means, and this may be a little out of context for this thread. That was just what I was thinking when I first heard the story break.
  7. The biggest downfall of my game, before this year, had to be my chipping. I could never find the right balance or swing to figure out what I should or shouldn't use. I eventually found a 58 degree SW at yard sale. I got it regripped and started practicing with it like crazy on the range as well as on the practice green at my local course. This year my shots with that SW have been the best shots I have made next to any other club in my bag. As a matter of fact I drove a ball in front of a downed tree at a course by my house and instead of kicking the ball away I figured I would see if I had a g
  8. > @"Matt J" said: > Ebb and flow. Golf will survive. Must remember data is after the huge Tiger surge and a huge recession. There were too many courses, soon there will be too few. They have recently had a city meeting where I live to discuss the fact that the two municipal golf courses, beautiful courses tbh, is $430,000 in the red. One of the commissioners asked the group of 20 people who golfed, 5 raised their hands. From the research I have done in the past, golf courses are not money machines by any means but also the cost of upkeep is huge, I think one article stated $250,00
  9. Not really scary, but my daughter and I had a goose following us on a par 5 not long ago.
  10. Things get iffy in Indiana. I'm still playing regularly, once or twice a weeks, sometimes more. If I had to guess I'll probably still be playing in December, depending on snow of course. Even so, there is an indoor range near my apartment that my daughter and I like to go, just to stay in the swing of things.
  11. There is a guy that I see on a lot of the golf courses that I play at. He is typically alone and walking. More than once I have come to a tee box that he has just hit from. He will stand in one spot, near his ball, and not move. He'll look over towards me and then over to the next tee box, not moving just standing there forever. If we dare even think about hitting a shot of the tee he immediately loses his mind trying to figure out why we would even attempt such a travesty, regardless if he is 320 yards away. He always claims he is trying to slow down so he doesn't get caught behind the people
  12. > > > > > > > > it should be a smooth, natural part of the motion and not some set position you're trying to hit. > yea the more i keep reading and thinking about it, i definitely need to work on shifting my weight. I'm sure most people can attest most of the advice we get from other people is easier said than done. My regular golfing buddy refuses to give me any tips whatsoever. He says, "we all know what we are doing wrong and what we need to do to fix it, but actually doing it is another monster in itself." next time i go to the range i'll have to wor
  13. The Inkzall is amazing! When I was interning for my HVAC degree, my first day there the guy I was working with took me straight to Pro-Trade, walked in bought one and handed it to me and said, "you'll never look back." and he was absolutely right!
  14. I usually show up to the course tucked, then I start looking around and see everyone else untucked, i'm a follower so I usually untuck it before we get to the first tee.
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