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  1. I have too many clubs and need to make room for some more. COBRA RAD SPEED 9.0 DRIVER HEAD - $SOLD Includes Head cover, wrench and shaft adapter. Lightly used, only played 8 rounds with it before I switched out. It is a low spin machine but Im just not good enough to play it. Titleist TS2 9.5 Driver w/Hazardous Smoke Black 6.0 - $225.00 OBO Plus shipping costs. Includes head cover and Titleist wrench (not pictured) Good condition and loved playing this driver but I like shiny new things. Titleist T200 Iron Set 4-AW AMT Black Shafts (standard length, loft & lie) - $700.00 OBO. Good condition, they've been in play for almost 2 years, Gap wedge has a small knick on the face from a rock hidden in the bunker. Other than that its normal wear.
  2. Bringing this one back from the dead. I have two driver comparisons from my Arccos Data. One is a $1000 custom fit driver and the other is an "off the shelf" configuration. Sample size might be smaller with the one on the right but its considerably tighter. Which one do you think is the $1000 driver?
  3. I hit both the T100 and T200 yesterday. T100 was great, loved the look and feel. Cant say it was any different than last years model. To me it was felt same. The T200 however looks "from afar" better than last years (I play the T200) but man I couldn't get on with this new model. Sole width is much wider to me than last years and the plastic covering on the back is a non starter for me. It's very clicky, more so than last years IMO. I hit the T100 further than the T200 and that shouldn't be the case. I just couldn't get into a groove with that new sole design.
  4. What shaft? Just because it’s 5 years old doesn’t mean it’s not a premium upgrade.
  5. Went to the range again today for attempt #2. This time I left the old Titleist at home and only took the Cobra. It feels much lighter than my TS2 even though the head weight comes in at 201 grams and the TS2 comes in at 194. Shorter playing length on the cobra and a heavier grip will do that. I had much better success today and felt like I was in a grove with it. My left miss is gone, and thats what I wanted. I had a habit of turning over the TS2 and snap hooking a shot or two on occasion and most of the time that resulted in an OB penalty stroke and was killing my scorecard. Cobra was a fade machine or dead straight. I didn't turn one over and probably hit 60-70 drives today. Ball flight is significantly lower than my TS2 and had a lot more roll out. Curious to see how it translates on the course versus the range... backstop is 250 at Griffith park and I was constantly hitting into it. I reached out to my fitter at TSG and he was responsive. He said he would bring me in to re-evaluate the club and my fit but wanted to get some on course feedback from me first. I have two tee times this weekend so I'll see how it plays out. I hate to hit the panic button, but this is by far the most expensive golf club I've ever bought and I am not made of money.
  6. I got the driver finally today and took it to the range. I don’t know how to say this. But I hate it. I can’t hit it. I don’t know if it’s the swing weight at D0 that is throwing me off but I just can’t hit the driver at all. The ball barely gets elevated and drops out of the air way to soon. My timing is completely off with this new driver. When I would switch back the TS2 it was fine. Soon as I picked up the RAD SPEED it was impossible for me to hit. is this normal? I’m loosing my mind trying to process how I just dropped 1k on a driver I can’t hit.
  7. Titleist T200 AMT Black, Carry 165 average
  8. Its headache inducing trying to get a tee time in LA now. I have been playing Sand Canyon Country Club (public) almost every weekend. Its the only place I can guarantee finding a tee time for my group. It used to be the old Robinson Ranch course prior to the fires and I've been enjoying the rounds out here. They've put money and time into it and it shows. Its in Santa Clarita so depending on what part of town you're in it can be a hike. The other course I haven't seen mentioned is Tierra Rejada, but thats out near Rustic Canyon as well. I have basically given up trying to find a tee time close to the city... It sounds like I need to play Olivas Links ASAP from what I hear.
  9. Head is standard $449 retail price. At the end of the day I'm a little hesitant because I'm usually pretty cheap or thrifty if you want to call it that. But this was a BIG birthday gift to myself and after the year I've had, as many of you have as well... I just wanted to really go big on something that I normally wouldn't. Golf has been my only outlet for over a year and I'm head over heels in love with the game again. Obsessed might be a better word.
  10. I think it was the mask and swinging indoors because I just got back from the range and it was my usual baby fade and my usual miss of a little low in the face. I do want to add that my fitter gave me a ton of shafts to swing ranging from moderate to expensive. I never asked how much anything was or what it was. He would hand me options and I would swing. When I got into the Diamana I said I liked the way it felt and my spin numbers did come down and my strike point moved up...I had no clue how much it was until he told me. The only thing that kind of bothers me is that I feel like its overpriced compared to what other places are charging for the same shaft. I have no problem paying for the upgrade if it works. But I dont want to be raked over the coals.
  11. Is it mechanics, sure. I hit up on the ball with a 3-4* angle of attack. All of that info I didn't know prior to my fitting. I don't have that miss with my sim fairway woods that have Ventus blue shafts. So the fitter gave me some different bend profiles and shafts that were shorter and my strike point moved up the face. I've never loved the way the Hazardous Smoke shaft felt, but I bought it off the rack. The TSG fitter was really working with me the best he could considering my swing felt so out of whack.
  12. Mistakes were made on my end for sure. The wife let me off the chain for my birthday so I crammed as much in as possible. Live and learn I guess. The $450 is just the price of the shaft. Extra $30 for SST pure. And $150 for the fitting. Head is standard price.
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