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  1. 1. City and State? Atlanta, GA 2. Handicap? 9 3. What King 3D Printed model do you want to test? Grandsport-35 4. Current putter? Scotty Cameron Studio Design #1 (My first putter was a Wilson Staff blade, and I thought I was pretty good with it. I switched to the original Scotty Futura and over time (likely unrelated to the putter) developed this feeling that I was coming across and slicing my putts. As an homage to the original style, and out of jealousy for a friend's Studio Design, now many years later, I picked up a Studio Design for more of the blade feel and look, and of course now I hook my putts) 5. What is the top thing you look for when buying a new putter? Needs to fit my eye. Give me confidence. And most importantly: sink putts. A fitter suggested a plumber's neck, such as in the Grandsport. However, I was also suggested to go back to a mallet design based on my horrible putting stroke. I would prefer testing out the in-betweener oversized putter that may be the Goldilocks that will work for me. (That, and practice) 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? I'd love to.
  2. Do you all prefer using the same shafts as your irons for wedges? Or do you use a wedge-flex (different shaft, whether stock or otherwise)?
  3. Gotta agree with you there. He's in such a frenetic rush to pick up each bag and zip/unzip he didn't even have a chance to figure out the ingenious location of the Ping rain-hood (to me the best way to store that sucker). I can see him tearing the Mizuno pockets in no time. And then after all is said and done, his choice just comes down to whether a bag has a foot or not because his awkward way of picking up the bag catches on any bag with a foot.
  4. I was at the store the other day going between the 2.5+, Mizuno K1Lo, Ping CEL, Nike Sport Lite, Callaway and Taylormade hyperlite/flexlite whatever, and SM EcoLite. I wanted to like the Mizuno based on the comfort carrying, but it seemed like the material on the strap was already fraying, and the pocket material just reminded me of some inner liner that would tear apart at any moment. I threw a bunch of display clubs in the bags and walked around the store, and for the life of me could not make the 2.5+ comfortable with the x straps. For the other brands, traps or setup or pockets I couldn't get behind. Ended up getting the EcoLite because the EZLite straps were so much more comfortable. I suppose it MIGHT have been possible to get the 2.5+ and then contact SM for their luxury straps, but that seemed a little convoluted.
  5. Lots of information here! Great thread. Before coming here I thought I'd be choosing between the SM 2.5+ and the Callaway Hyperlite, but I see nothing on the Callaway bag in here. Not sure if selection bias or just not as good a bag. In-store an Eco-Lite felt good with a few clubs thrown in it, but no balls/accessories. I didn't see a 2.5+ at that store, but a 2.5 felt good at another store... Now I fear I'm in a rabbit hole of information and still can't puzzle my way out of it. Saw the earlier discussion about x-straps. Just looking at the Sun Mountain promo... it looks like neither of their golfer models seemed to know how to balance their x-straps either. My biggest pet peeve is when the left side of the bag starts to droop down after being weighted down a bit with balls/water/etc.
  6. The opposite, haha. In that COVID keeping people working at home and itching to get outdoors has led to more people golfing.
  7. Mizuno MP-30 But I just went to a free Mizuno fitting and matched well with the JPX921-Tour set.
  8. Thanks. That's honestly what I'm most afraid of. I keep hearing about the terrible traffic, and so far it's been fine (with COVID), but I know I can't use that as an estimate.
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