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  1. They look great- only qualm is the apparent offset from the initial pics- could just be the angle however...
  2. I always held out hope a company that does custom headcovers and such would get into the range finder case market. Something from Winston or Seamus would be super sweet.
  3. Well when you only have one friend it makes a little more sense.
  4. I bet Ernie could make it a couple rounds
  5. The easiest to understand and summarized point: if you took the top say 30 most athletic/skilled NFL players and the top 30 most athletic/skilled NBA players and had them playing soccer since birth you'd have the top 60 soccer players in the world right there- then think of their current height and strength and it would completely redefine the entire sport of soccer. Every one of the 60 individuals would be the single toughest, biggest, fastest, AND strongest person to ever step on the 'pitch'. On the other end you could take the top 30/60 soccer players in the world right now (or to ever live
  6. How do you like the feel of the face? I'm debating Gen 1 vs Gen 2 and am really considering spending the extra cash to see about the updated face tech...
  7. Here for the ‘get lessons’ answers and the subsequent listing of every club that’s come out in the last 3 years.... ? Personally I have hated every hybrid ever. Absolute hook machine. I tried the Titleist 818 H2 and set it to flat and open, used the internal weight to set weight out on the toe, it has absolutely become a weapon and I assume similar results can come from the H1 as well.
  8. HAHA! Soccer is for athletic guys who aren't athletic/big/strong/fast/talented enough to play Football, Baseball, Basketball... throw in track and feild(even though that's highly specialized). Rugby would be Soccer's closest comparison, even with that one could easily argue Rugby takes more physical capability. But to answer your question NFL QB is far and away much more difficult and harder to crack into much less be top X%. You have to have the athleticism, arm strength, size(for the most part), and most importantly the mental capacity to excel. That alone limits the number of people that ar
  9. Does it seem like its more than just tightness/soreness? I mean with the medical staff he has access to you'd think that could be worked out?
  10. That's not even a realistic dream for their premiere shoe- Actually think MSRP went up closer to $220 or $230...In 4 years maybe on the least popular colorway(s).
  11. They are one of the more well executed Jordan golf shoes- I appreciate them trying to keep them as close to original as possible but have a feeling these would have been better with the old TW13 sole.
  12. I'd never thought I'd say good for TM- Rose does nothing to move the needle and wanted to be paid like he's Rory or Tiger. JDay should/could become the next one on the TM chopping block.
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