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  1. Looking for a Stealth Plus RH driver head, preferably 8*. Thanks in advance! -Josh
  2. Hey everyone, just a little post-Christmas sell off, in anticipation for some new gear after the first of the year. All prices include shipping. Shoot me a message with any questions and reasonable offers! Would trade for an Epic Max LS Triple Diamond or SIM 2, 8-9.5* EVNROLL ER10 Outback putter w/BGT Stability shaft and Flat Cat solution pistol grip. Entire club is in very good shape, a few slight nicks on the putter head, but the face is mint. Grip and shaft are basically new. I used this for a couple months earlier this year and made a TON of putts with it, just ended up going with a different EVNROLL, purely because I fell in love with the head shape. Putter is 34” in length and comes with original headcover. $old pin 12/26
  3. Hey guys, regrettably I’m testing the waters to get rid of the best set of irons I’ve ever played. A wrist injury has had me sidelined for several months now and since I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back on the course, just figured I’d test the waters and see if anyone is interested in my set of irons. Prices include shipping via FedEx. -Combo set of Srixon ZX5/ZX7 irons w/Zipcore gap wedge. I used these irons for the majority of my golf season, which unfortunately ended about two months ago. They are in good shape, the soles have a few marks and scuffs but no denting or gouges. The faces are all very clean. 4-8 ZX5, 9-PW ZX7 with a 50* Zipcore gap wedge. All are standard length and shafted with Steelfiber grahipte shafts. The 4-PW are i110 x-flex softstepped x1. The gap wedge is an i125 S-flex 8 iron shaft. All 8 clubs are 1* flat, 4-8 are standard loft. The 9 and PW are 2* strong (to match the ZX5s) the Gap is 1* strong, playing 49*. All 8 clubs have GP MC midsize grips, with only a couple of rounds on them. I also have the ZX5 9 and PW heads to throw in. Such an awesome set of irons, I’ll probably regret selling but hoping someone else can enjoy them while I can’t. Asking $old Lastly, A brand new set of DG TT elevate tour x100 iron shafts, 4-GW. These came in my PXG irons, I immediately had them pulled and installed graphite shafts, so these have not seen any play. All standard length. Asking $old pin 8/30
  4. Currently sidelined with a wrist injury, so just looking to unload some excess golf gear to spend $$ on other hobbies! Prices include FedEx shipping and are pretty firm. Not looking for any trades at this time. Any questions, just ask! First up, Awesome driver setup here, Ventus Black 6x Patriot Edition w/tour issue Sim 9* driver head. The shaft is in excellent condition, I only used for a handful of rounds, it just looked too nice to actually use on the course lol shaft is tipped 0.5” and is 44 1/8” from grip to tip. Head is an OG Sim tour issue “+” stamped on the hosel. I have had this head for quite some time, but it is in good shape, and still moves the ball out there. I cannot find the spec sheet, but I do remember that actual loft is 8.8* and CT is 242. Normal wear on the sole, the crown is flawless, no sky marks. There are a could of nicks on the toe side, just from hitting up against other clubs. The marks are NOT visible from address. Would really like to sell the shaft and head together, as I already have other backup drivers and need to get rid of stuff. Very hard to find shaft, definitely a head turner in person. Asking $old for the head and shaft. Next up, Ping G410 3 hybrid 19* w/evenflow black shaft. The shaft has never been used, I had the head in a Ventus shaft. The head is in good shape, no marks at all on the crown. Normal wear on the face and sole. The shaft is a 6.5 x-flex 85g hybrid shaft. Awesome hybrid, the best I ever hit, some changes to my bag just didn’t leave room for it anymore. Asking $old. pin 8/8
  5. Hey everyone, just a few items up for sale here. Currently sidelined with a wrist injury, so what better time to get rid of a few extras. Prices include shipping and everything will be shipped via FedEx. Not currently looking for any trades, but I don’t mind listening to offers. First up, Precision Pro NX9 rangefinder w/slope. I bought this new almost a year ago and love it. The only reason I’m selling, is that I recently won a new Bushnell rangefinder and have been using that. The NX9 is an awesome rangefinder, as good as anything else I’ve used, and Precision Pro will still honor any warranty and lifetime battery replacement. Come with the carrying pouch, and original manual, all in the original box. Asking $old Next, A, like-new, Flightscope Mevo. I bought this a couple months ago, just out of curiosity, and have only used it 3 or 4 times. I just honestly don’t take the time to turn it on and use it on the range, and unfortunately I don’t have anywhere in my house to use it indoors. It’s a great little unit and super easy to transport. It comes like it would brand new, everything included in the original box. Asking $old Lastly, Mitsuhishi Tensei White 1K 60tx w/TM tip. Shaft is 44.5” from grip to tip, will play 45.5”. This was also a curiosity purchase for me, that actually surprised me. I only played 2 or 3 rounds with the shaft, but was really impressed with how tight the dispersion was and it feels great. Ultimately I couldn’t beat out my trusty Accra RPG. Shaft looks brand new and has a new Pure Combo grip on it. Asking $old pin 8/2
  6. Looking to pass along some of my driver shaft and wedge collection to someone who can get a little more use out of them. All prices are pretty firm, but reasonable offers are always entertained. Prices include shipping via FedEx. Would consider trades for SIM2 and SIM 8* driver heads First up, VA Composites Nemesys driver shaft, 75g Five (X flex) with Titleist adapter. This is a great feeling and performing shaft, it’s excellent for anyone who’s looking to add some additional weight to the driver head due to its super high balance point and being “counter balanced.” Its a ball speed machine with a very nice ball flight. I found that it just spun a little too much for me, but that’s obviously to no fault of the shaft, just my swing characteristics. See pics for overall length w/adapter. Asking $210 Next, Fujikura Ventus Red w/Velocore 7X. Shaft is tipped 1.75” w/Titleist adapter. This is an awesome setup, the Ventus Red when tipped is completely transformed, in my experience. You get the higher ball flight comparable to that of a Ventus Blue, with the lower spin and feel of that from the Ventus Black. I gamed this in my TSi3 for several weeks and loved it, but ultimately switched to a 60g Ventus. See pics for shaft length. Asking $old Next up, Accra RPG 472 M4+. No adapter and is tipped 0.75”. I bought this shaft to try out as I was very curious after reading a lot online about it, only used it for two or three rounds and some range sessions and just never could get a handle on it. Maybe some of the highest ball speeds I’ve had as well as good dispersion, ball flight just didn’t work for me. See pics for shaft length. Shaft does have 3/4” extension in it to make up for the 3/4” tipping. Asking $150 Lastly, Excellent set of Vokey SM8 jet black wedges. 54* S grind and 58* M grind. Both have KBS 610 125 wedge shafts. The 54* is bent to 53* and the 58* is bent to 59*, both are 1* flat. I bought these brand new and only used for approximately two rounds and maybe two range sessions. They do not currently have grips, but I can throw some on. Asking $old pin 5/4
  7. Some shafts up for sale tonight, looking to upload quickly and fund a new driver shaft. Prices include shipping via FedEx, prices are firm but always willing to entertain reasonable offers. First up, Set of 4-PW KBS tour 130x iron shafts. These were lightly used, only have about 4-5 rounds in them. One time pulls. Play standard length in Srixon irons. Asking $old for the set. Next up, Accra Tour Z RPG 472 M4+ w/Titleist adapter. Tipped 3/4”, 43” from grip to adapter tip. Awesome shaft at an awesome price, asking $240 Lastly, Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX driver shaft. 6.5 flex 60g untipped with no adapter, measures 44”. Brand new, never used, adapter professionally pulled. Asking $100 pin 3/16
  8. Looking to make a quick sale on two extra shafts I have, need to unload to justify getting more! Prices include shipping via FedEx. Only trade interests are some SuperSpeed Training sticks and VA Nemesys 75x driver shafts, can possibly add extra $$. Shoot me offers First up, an Accra TZ6 85 M5 3w shaft w/TM adapter. No additional tipping, 42” from tip to grip, plays 43” in SIM fairway. In great shape, no flaws, lightly used. One of the best 3w shafts I’ve ever played, ultimately Ventus just beat it out with a little more consistency. Asking $old Second, Aldila Xtorsion Copper Mamba 80tx 3w shaft w/TP TM adapter. No additional tipping, 42” from tip to grip, plays 43” in SIM fairway. This shaft is also in great shape, I gamed this for about 6 months and was very surprised with how it performed, perfect launch for a 3w and excellent distance. I just never could get used to the counterbalanced feel. Asking $90
  9. One item up for sale today, price includes shipping with FedEx. Would preferably like to trade for Ventus Blue 7x or a Blue/Black 8x. New Ventus Blue 6x w/Velocore, tipped 0.5” with TM adapter. Shaft is 43.5” from tip to grip, plays 44.5” in SIM driver. Asking $260 shipped
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