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  1. 1. Trono 75x plays 45” with ping adapter $275 shipped 2. Miura hat never worn $OLD! 3. Titleist bucket hat $30 shipped 4. Smathers and Branson belt purchased with the Bob O’link logo and clubhouse size 38 never worn! $150 shipped 5. Lot of grips, $50 shipped 6. Peter Millar wool sweater size medium $50 shipped 7. Lululemon 3/4 zip size medium $50 shipped
  2. 1. Titleist 718 AP1 6-48° $300 2. Titleist 52/12 SM7, 56/10 SM8, 60/10 SM7 $200 $450 if bought together, all clubs have pured NS Pro GH 950 R flex shafts 3. Titleist 917D2 12°, regular flex Diamana $100 4. Titleist 917F2 18°, stiff flex Grafalloy pro launch $100 5. Titleist H1 23°, stiff flex Fujikura pro tour spec 2.0 $75 $225 if bought together, $600 if bought with irons and wedges 6. Odyssey 2 ball fang, cut for junior 33” $75 7. Odyssey White Ice 35” $80 8. Odyssey OWorks Red 35”
  3. 1. BRAND NEW Epic Speed 9° with stock hazardous 6.5 70 gram shaft, includes head cover $450 2. Callaway MD5 60/08 standard L/L/L small gash on the toe, face is clean $80 3. Project X Small Batch Evenflow CB 6.5 70 gram tipped 1/2 inch plays 45 with Callaway adapter $200 Trade interests are Ping G425 lst 3 wood, Tensei 1k 70tx
  4. 1. Ping Tour 65x, measures 44.25 from adapter to end of grip, not tipped played 45.5 $100 2. Tensei AV Raw Orange 85tx, tipped 1/2 inch and butt trimmed 1/2 inch, measures 45” never installed $180 3. Tensei Pro White 60tx measures 43.5 from Callaway adapter to end of grip, not tipped played 45 $180 4. Tensei Pro Orange 60tx, measures 43 without adapter, not tipped $180 5.Tour Issue Fujikura Speeder 569 TR, see graphics this shaft is not retail! Measures 43.5 from Cobra adapter to end of grip. $200 5. Titleist TSi3 5 wood with VA Composites Drago 85tx shaft, tipped pe
  5. 1. Miura Jack Nicklaus set 3-P all standard specs, see packing list photo, haven’t touched a ball. Took the 4 and 6 iron out to look at them. I’d love to keep them but I need the cash, hope they can find a good home. $5,000 NOW $3,750 Open to offers 2. Callaway MD5 wedges, 46/10 tour grey and 62/08 tour raw standard specs, minimal use, see pictures. $180 for the set or $100 each 3. Sim Max 2 3 wood, brand new, sent from Taylormade after cracking my Sim. Ventura Blue non-velocore 60s shaft. $$$$$OLD Only trade interests are Ping G425 Max or Lst 3 wood
  6. Pured KBS $ taper 130x onyx, 4-P standard loft, length, and lie golf pride z cord standard. Faces a little dirty but no browning or ball pattern, just chatter. $2000 OBO shipped no trades let me know if you have questions
  7. 1. Titleist tsi3 9°, head only, no cosmetic blemishes includes head cover and tool $$$$$old shipped 2. Tensei Orange AV Raw 75tx, Titleist adapter, plays 45.5, no tipping. $$$$$old 3. VA Composites Drago 85x, built by True Spec, measures 41.75 from Titleist adapter to grip $200 shipped 4. JPX 900 forged 4 iron head, can include x100 shaft or nippon 120x $40 shipped 5. NEW never used Piretti driver head cover $60 shipped 6. Vintage Titleist driver and 3 wood $$$$$old shipped 7. Titleist SM8 wedge shafts $40 shipped 8. Adidas M polo with Chaparral Pines logo
  8. First up is an official Jon Rahm Taylormade Tour bag that he actually used in competition. $500 shipped P760 4-P with KBS C taper 120s shafts, in great condition! Standard loft, length and lie. $$$$$OLD P790 (2019) 3 iron with matching KBS C taper 120s shaft. $125 shipped If bought together $700 shipped Real deal Diamana D Limited 70tx driver shaft, plays at 45” with Taylormade adapter. Hit 6 range balls and decided to go another direction not a blemish to be seen. $$$$$$OLD
  9. Miura MB101/ CB301 combo 4-P MB101 with Dynamic Gold TI X7 shafts, includes CB301 4 iron with MMT 125tx shaft, used this as a 3 iron, P is shafted with Dynamic Gold TI S400. Had the paint fill professionally removed, standard MCC +4 grey grips, standard loft besides the CB301 is bent to 21* and length is +1/4 Miura standard. $$$$$OLD Cobra Speedzone 3 wood 14.5*, never hit a ball! Shaft is not new but the head is brand new, shafted with the Aldila Rogue Silver 130 MSI 70tx $$$$$$OLD Tensei Pro Orange 60tx played 45” in Taylormade driver no tipping. Used maybe 4 rounds
  10. Miura MB 101 4-P, originally purchased with a CB301 4 iron but bought the MB101 4 iron later. Standard lofts and lies, +1/4 over length. They have Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X7 shafts, had the paint fill removed. Don’t use the pitching wedge of the set so it doesn’t have a shaft. These shafts aren’t an option through Miura bought separate and had professionally built. $1250 Titleist TS2 16.5 degree with Tensei AV white 75tx from the TSI3 I just bought, so the shaft is brand new. Head is in great shape has two very small scratches just under the adapter that are not visible from addres
  11. I will entertain discounts on purchases of 2 shirts or more Peter Millar size medium white and blue wekopa logo on the side $$$$OLD Peter Millar summer comfort size medium purple with pink stripes don’t remember the logo on this one, see picture $$$$OLD Peter Millar red/maroon with white stripes wekopa logo size medium $$$$$OLD peter millar red/maroon size medium $$$$old Peter millar tan/ brown size medium $$$$old Peter millar orange size medium $$$$$OLD Peter millar summer comfort white and green striped size medium
  12. It’s 10.5 and yes it does include the head screw, head cover and tool. I can also include a shaft
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