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  1. honma tw-x very compact heel to toe however does have a wider sole
  2. These wedges look straight FIRE!!!!! Will go Artisan for my next set for sure after seeing these
  3. You are correct they have very strong lofts....cant complain about the looks and small profile will see how they play out at standard lofts might weaken them a couple of degrees down the track.
  4. @Kingcat990 Got a set of 4 to PW heads in this week going to get them shafted up in some MMT's. Cant wait to get them out on course
  5. Thinking about getting one of these for my OG SIM...on the fence atm between 50TX or 60TX. Currently using tour ad iz 6TX. Kinda leaning towards the 50TX going lighter and longer but I do swing the 60-70gram shafts comfortably as it is now with current driver swing speed anywhere from 113 to 119
  6. Also interested to hear alternatives on this...im in the same boat as you love the pistol gtr 2.0 and just put the last all black one on my gamer. Need to find something to stock up on next.
  7. Do it! I got a 14 way air hybrid from TGW, apart from the slowish shipping cant stress how good this bag is. Full length dividers, a proper putter well and the quality overall is much better than any of my previous bags.
  8. The nike long iron and putter straight fire!!! The rest of the bag is also sick! haha
  9. Ah lucky bugger Im in Australia so we have to rely on the dealers they have here and its slim pickings
  10. That is the first thing I am going to change when I get it...cant beat the look. The DW I tried did have a stability shaft in it but my previous experience with those shafts wasnt that great
  11. Managed to finally try one of the Sik DW putters, ive always been on the fence but these things are legit. The feel the headweight the roll everything after trying them is going to hurt my bank balance. Going straight in the bag haha
  12. Anyone tried this out? https://www.ustmamiya.com/golf-shafts/brands/quantum-purple/quantum-purple/ 52gram X flex
  13. Would be silly of them to not continue with the black CT tour shafts, in saying that mine came with this exact same shaft.
  14. Please delete if not allowed....coming from the older spider tour black to this is a welcomed changed. Loving the new face insert gets the ball rolling nicely will do some on course testing over the weekend but so far so good, loving the feel and alignment. I thought this colour would be a pain in direct sunlight but the matte finish dulls reflections quite nicely.
  15. Let me know if you ever want to sell it haha
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