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  1. I ended up moving on from KBS C Taper 130x to the Mitsubishi MMT 125TX have them from 4 iron down to 60 degree and will never look back. For me personally they have lowered my ball flight and feel so much smoother than the steel shafts. Dispersion has also tightened up. Keep in mind these are the only graphite shafts ive ever tried after steel ive heard good things about recoil protos but the many reviews on the MMT swayed me.
  2. > @SylvesterLundgren said: > > > > Anyone else rolled or own the new Cleveland putter that’s out, I put my hands on one and I enjoyed how the setup was and the feel off the face. One thing that I took notice of was the lamkin grip and how it fitted/oriented my hands. Is this just a made for grip? Or is this one you can purchase separately.. What are your guys thoughts on the entire line? What do you dislike/ do like? Pretty sure its a Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol Grip - I just installed one on my putter yesterday will try get some practice in this afternoon but it feels ve
  3. > @Lenny2 said: > So any of you that were playing the 18’s what are your thoughts? Is there any real noticeable improvement? I came from the MP18 MMC's full set 4-PW upgraded to the MP20 MMC 4-PW - the biggest difference for me was look at address the new line is alot sleeker and feel wise the new line is alot better personally. I really couldnt fault either set and would still game my 18's but its always nice having the newer model.
  4. > @johnny_golfball said: > Thanks for the follow up question Thank you for replying, I am going to bite the bullet and get all my irons re-gripped with them. They look amazing
  5. > @johnny_golfball said: > Let me start off by once again thanking Golfwrx and Lamkin for this great giveaway. I really appreciate the opportunity to be on the frontline of product development. Secondly, I apologize for the delay- my “club guy” was extremely busy...well, let me be honest, he totally dragged his feet on this one!!(Image) > /smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> > > > > I had the clubs regripped this past week and was able to play 2 rounds with the Lamkin Sonar grips. One day, the weather was incredibly nice, the other, overcast and chilly.
  6. > @kjrules said: > I played 60, 56 and 52, they don’t make 54 now because in Japan 4 is unlucky number- but coming specifically for US market. > > > > I test wedges on course, to see how it reacts on certain shots. > > > > Full shots, its spins bit more than Vokeys in 60 degree but not as much as the hi toe. > > > > It has very fat upper toe section = high CG and great spin. Full shots hit and spin back to 5 to 10 foot depending on how fast low or high you hit it. > > > > 30 to 40 yards open face shots are
  7. > @deep18 said: > > @vakaviti said: > > > @mBiden2 said: > > > Anyone know when the 50 & 52 will be available in raw? I just ordered the 54/12 and the 58/12 in raw > > > > Available now in Australia...I have the full set 50/55/60 all in raw delivered already > > You guys get all the luck down there. Cool accents and all the raw Mizuno wedges you want. haha we get everything but the cheaper prices! everything is more expensive down under
  8. > @mBiden2 said: > Anyone know when the 50 & 52 will be available in raw? I just ordered the 54/12 and the 58/12 in raw Available now in Australia...I have the full set 50/55/60 all in raw delivered already
  9. Review out already - he pumps the high draw/low draw shots! Not sure if im sold on the look yet [https://youtube.com/watch?v=sGJ4c9JGIwA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGJ4c9JGIwA "https://youtube.com/watch?v=sGJ4c9JGIwA")
  10. > @StillCantPutt said: > > @therealjonzone said: > > > @StillCantPutt said: > > > Order delivered this morning. 4-PW in the MMCs. DD overnighted them to me, absolutely great service. I only got to hit the 8,6,4 irons at the range for 30 minutes before the storm of the year began but these irons are absolutely incredible. I’m coming from Srixon Z765s with the same shafts, Modus 120x. Ball flight is higher, sweet spot is larger. Clubs are softer overall. Going to check the specs later today to make sure Mizuno did it correctly but so far, I’m in love. > >
  11. This is excellent reading! I managed to get the Ventus Black 7X I tried it on the range and for some reason couldn't really gel with it even got it on track man testing with disappointing results however tried it on the course and only missed two fairways all day. Cant wait to do more testing and see if others are getting similar results.
  12. Anyone hit the Ventus Black 7X and come away bagging it? Currently gaming HZRDUS smoke black 6.5 70g and have the opportunity to get a VB 7X just worried it might be too stiff compared to what I have read about the blue profile. Swing speed with driver is usually 107 to 115 depending on how im feeling.
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