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  1. Cant comment on the Black TX but have put the Blue 6TX in my driver and Blue 7TX in my fairway wood. Have been tinkering for a while with shafts to suit my driver but have finally settled, these 2 shafts are amazing!
  2. I need to get a ventus blue....have the black but might switch it out for the blue ive heard good things about that combo
  3. Yep I have the 125TX in 4 to PW and then 50,54,58 I have the wedge specific MMT shafts. They are every bit as good as the iron shafts plenty spin easy to flight and great feel. So great I order a 2nd set of wedge shafts from Peoples golf
  4. Heck yes always good to get a view down the track on how fitting results have progressed. Also helps ive been on the fence about pulling the trigger on a wedge fit with Joe haha
  5. Callaway Epic Max LS....this thing is fire coming from OG SIM usual miss was right and when I say right I mean wayyyyyy right.
  6. I got mine off a Fuji dealer in Australia but one of the guys stateside said he got his from the below link. Trying to get out and play twice this week but so far so good with the 5X can see it sticking around for a while. https://golfshaftsamerica.com/collections/fujikura-driver-shafts/products/fujikura-ventus-black-wood-shafts?variant=39283637190840
  7. Correct Black 5X I posted the specs table in another thread ill try find them again but here are some pics.
  8. Personally I feel they are both as stable as each other in the tip section however I feel I can move the club alot faster with the 5X. Im doing more testing currently its in a epic max LS tinkering with adding more weight to clubhead to see what results I get.
  9. 100% this ^^^ Ive tried the AV raw TX before and the 1K nothing compares to the ventus black...ended up back in the 5X black for driver and 7X black for fairway wood
  10. That looks mint!! How you liking it so far? Been eyeing them off since release no fitters/dealers around near me unfortunately
  11. Thats the CBX full face not the RTX Zipcore full face
  12. https://www.clevelandgolf.com.au/en/rtx-full-face.html They just released here in Australia and South East Asia by the looks of OP quoting in BAHT.
  13. Haven't taken it on course yet but range tests so far are giving me great results. Got it playing at 45.75 definitely feels alot easier to move the club faster compared to my tour ad iz and tesnei white 1k 60tx. Club head speed is up to around 119-122mph and it still has tip stability at impact - just doesnt feel like I have to work as hard to keep swinging that fast compared to my other shafts. Will get it on course soon and report back and also grab some numbers from launch monitor.
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