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  1. I have never tried the blue 6X however I was using the black 5X and managed to get my hands on the blue 6TX and 7TX (3 wood) and currently finding a much flatter more penetrating flight with my driver and 3 wood. Still in testing phase but so far so good with blue TX line, feel wise much much smoother than the black for me anyway.
  2. They offer TX in blue and red now - have the blue TX in my driver and 3 wood
  3. Same here I am naturally a high ball hitter I had the Max LS in play with a Ventus blue 6TX and recently got hold of an epic speed triple diamond LS 8.5 head from JDS Clubs. Only had 2 range sessions with the new head and from what I can see so far the triple diamond comes out a lot flatter/lower for me now granted that could be because the actual loft of the new head is 7.5 but I also had the Max LS set to 8 degrees so much of a muchness. I thought mishits would be punished much more than the Max LS but honestly they are very similar. More testing to come will come back with an update in the next few days.
  4. I was in the same boat until I caved and got the ....no turning back now haha
  5. Some good mail days over the last few days Ventus blue 6TX and 7TX 8.5 head Bat attack putter Should be good for a while
  6. Ended up benching the 5X as I managed to get a hold of the blue 6TX to go into driver and must say quite happy with it. The blue just feels so much forgiving could just be placebo for now but loving this combo.
  7. Driver - Ventus Blue 6TX 45.75 playing length 3 Wood - Ventus Blue 7TX tipped an inch Driver swing speed - 115mph
  8. Cant comment on the Black TX but have put the Blue 6TX in my driver and Blue 7TX in my fairway wood. Have been tinkering for a while with shafts to suit my driver but have finally settled, these 2 shafts are amazing!
  9. I need to get a ventus blue....have the black but might switch it out for the blue ive heard good things about that combo
  10. Yep I have the 125TX in 4 to PW and then 50,54,58 I have the wedge specific MMT shafts. They are every bit as good as the iron shafts plenty spin easy to flight and great feel. So great I order a 2nd set of wedge shafts from Peoples golf
  11. Heck yes always good to get a view down the track on how fitting results have progressed. Also helps ive been on the fence about pulling the trigger on a wedge fit with Joe haha
  12. Callaway Epic Max LS....this thing is fire coming from OG SIM usual miss was right and when I say right I mean wayyyyyy right.
  13. I got mine off a Fuji dealer in Australia but one of the guys stateside said he got his from the below link. Trying to get out and play twice this week but so far so good with the 5X can see it sticking around for a while. https://golfshaftsamerica.com/collections/fujikura-driver-shafts/products/fujikura-ventus-black-wood-shafts?variant=39283637190840
  14. Correct Black 5X I posted the specs table in another thread ill try find them again but here are some pics.
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