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  1. Anyone manage to get one of the MMT wood shafts into play yet? Interested to hear thoughts on them, currently have the MMT 125TX in 4 to PW and wedges.
  2. I will end up buying them for sure, might be a silly question but how do you find them on mishits? Obviously with the stronger lofts they are quite distance orientated
  3. @Kingcat990 Much appreciated...I see what you mean by the reverse offset quite drastic
  4. @Kingcat990 could you post some pics of the PW or 9 iron at address? looking into getting a set of these irons
  5. Oh my days what a set!! I have been on the hunt for a smaller profile head with stronger lofts this might just fit the bill. How do you like them so far? Could you share any pics of the PW if possible please?
  6. How good do those irons look! I am in the process of buying a set of wedges the CW505 from grindworks which are supposed to match your iron. Fitter said they have had great results from this new model over the 86 model wedges.
  7. Please delete if not allowed but here is a pic I found on instagram
  8. I have had my honma set and my back up set re-shafted into the MMT 125TX from C Taper 130's. The feel difference is amazing no more sore wrist pains from range days or playing.
  9. Can someone also DM me the pics as well please?
  10. 100% agree with this - had a sim 8 degree with ventus black 6x the new G425 LST has similar ball speed and mishits are so much more manageable this thing is never leaving my bag
  11. 100% - feel wise they are so smooth and havent had any wrist or joint pains for the last 3 months now, I usually play every weekend and practice at range twice a week
  12. Mitsubishi MMT 125TX - I left C tapers for these and will never go back or try any other shafts again. 7i swing speed around 95-97mph
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