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  1. I adore every single thing about this bag! Great taste man!
  2. Looks like a low spin, forgiving, and forgiving draw options. Good work cobra there’s no doubt they’ll be good. The paint scheme will be gaudy to some but the performance will make up for it
  3. If it follows the SIM's Launch trajectory, Late December for a few guys or at the Event in Palm Springs for the rest
  4. Man their shoes have gotten just terrible
  5. It looked to me just like their same torque wrench fitting that it is on their woods, so i'm sure it'll be able to be messed with by us degenerates
  6. After seeing how gorgeous the TSi3 looked in person this thing better perform like hell to beat that for highspeed players, its probably the best looking driver at address in the last 8-12 years
  7. Its to help them dial in swing weights for special orders without the need for tip weights, the plates on the CB's and Ut's come off as well as the Circle weight in the mb's. All to help with their custom department
  8. This looks pretty sweet. Kinda like an early proto F7/8 or something to come
  9. It baffles me releasing a max forgiveness line with a $500 Driver but with a $899 set of irons when you already have probably the best max forgiveness line they've had in years with the Mavrik Max's
  10. Those look terrible in my opinion, chunky, weird leading edge... strange Mizuno strange....
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