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  1. I’ve used it once so far I kinda just snagged it on a whim. It looks great and feels just like the old white hots so it’s a winner so far to me!
  2. My go to for the longest time was the OG V2 86 and 96x I also had great luck with the Tour AD M9003
  3. I tried one I couldn’t time it up quite right I always seemed to get it off the low heel. The Hzrdus Hulk in the Ping is a combo that I can’t seem to beat at the moment it’s been in the bag over a year which is a feat in itself for me. I came close to beating it out with a TSI3 with a Tensei Pro orange 70TX but I still couldn’t get away from the random hook
  4. I had to go heavy on the tape to get the SW up from C9 due to them being a half inch short. I’m cruising around 124 and 184 ball speed but can chase it over 130 and 190 ball speed. I hate seeing the ball over hook so I tipped the heck out of the woods
  5. Facebook BST groups are my favorite for random stuff usually
  6. Definitely! It’s a definite winner it knocked out a 5 wood that had been in my bag for 6 years prior to that that I never thought I’d drop. The Nike VR Pro Limited edition with the same shaft. That’s why that BlueBoard is so beat up
  7. It’s incredibly consistent for me. Probably my favorite club in the bag it launches high, I can curve it both ways and it looks great behind the ball
  8. It’s been a while since I’ve shared what’s in my bag and I’m finally happy with my set up after almost a year of messing around with irons and wedges here’s my fun mixed bag Ping G410 Plus 9* Set to Flat Minus Weight set to Fade Project X Hzrdus Smoke Green PVD 70 6.5TX Tipped 1” plays 44.25” Taylormade SIM Rocket 14* Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei Pro Orange 70TX Tipped 1.5” Plays 42” Taylormade M5 19* Set to 20* Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Blue 103x Tipped 2.5” Plays 40.75” Titleist T100 4-9 Project X LZ 6.5 Hardsteppe
  9. Guerin had a really good interview with the boys on The Full equipped podcast on how putter making is taking designs from companies that work and making your own change to them to make them that much better. It’s not about being a copycat but helping forward putting in its self. That being said that ER11 is a wonderful upgrade of the Ping Ketsch
  10. Nike pays off world ranking only and the prices a quite lucrative, makes sense why a lot of their formers went the free agent route. If they play well and get inside the top 10 in the world it pays more than double a regular OEM salary
  11. Slightly more spin than the Proto driver think more in the G410+ or Almost like a Rogue standard look at address it’s a deep head that pinch’s back with a pretty deep face
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