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  1. I know what you mean, thinking of going with the Ping ProdiG in the +3 inch over standard shaft. It seems weight aswell as length a major factor to consider to avoid ‘ugly duckling’ phase. Extra weight brings false speed and u can’t keep going heavier so the fitter today recommended ProdiG even tho will only get a season or so out of them. Adults lengths and weights when he grows out of these better for swing long term. It’s a strange one because he can pipe my stiff shaft 44 inch driver ?
  2. If driver shaft 45 1/4 it would be harder for him to find the middle with lie being so upright surely. Although some drivers have lie adjustability I think. Will have to do more research as new drivers aren't cheap. Found a Ping thrive set last night online which has 43 inch driver but seems to be sold out everywhere. Not easy this junior equipment minefield...
  3. 5 ft 3 and 70mph with 7 iron I think
  4. After 2 years struggling with hand injury/arthritis I discovered composite shafts last week. After half a dozen shots I was sold and ordered in a new set of Miura irons, namely Aerotech Steelfiber 125g stiff (110g in 4-7i). Nothing short of miraculous how much better they feel than any others I have owned/tried by dampening vibrations. It isn't just the Miuras as the club i got to hit a few balls with were cast heads. I had almost given up hope that I could continue playing golf and after 2 rounds with these I am in love with the game again... The question is can this smooth soft feel that I luckily came across for my irons be found in their hybrid, fairway and driver shafts?? Or for anyone in similar position with bad hand injuries/arthritis what shafts/grips do u use to achieve balance of performance while reducing vibrations/pain???
  5. Buying a new driver for my son, assuming same shaft make, flex etc in for example Ping stock option Alta CB which is better: 1) Driver shaft reduced to 43 inch or 2) 3 Wood shaft that is 43 inch?? I assume 3W shaft will be slightly heavier and potentially slightly stiffer, is there any reason to favour cutting over interchanging. Would be handy even interchanging a hybrid with 3W for length in same G410 same Alta shaft combo
  6. Dunnie

    Driver shafts

    Thanks, the reason i asked was the tools to tighten/loosen different brands are sometime the same and I thought there may be some brands that interchange, obviously not
  7. Dunnie

    Driver shafts

    Is there any brands that use the same adapters or is each and every brand different. I am trying to find the best way to test some drivers and shafts over the winter for myself and my son. He needs a soft regular 3 wood ( 12 yrs of age) and I am stiff to X stiff depending on shaft. Would prefer not to have to buy an extra shaft with every driver as need 3-4 and only 2 will make the cut in Spring 2020. Thanks folks
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