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  1. This is the best deal in the area... https://wiesbaden.armymwr.com/programs/rheinblick-golf-course You can play as a guest if you're non-military.
  2. I noticed the driving range in my limited research online. If we can live near the International School of Brussels and have a practice area nearby, that would be fantastic. Thanks again!
  3. Appreciate the insight. I'll be used to the crowds as it gets packed on the weekends here in Thailand. Where do you normally play? Most likely, we'll be living in the Watermael-Boitsfort area. Any recommendations? Obrigado!
  4. Ha! Dad jokes aside, is the game accessible to everyone? We lived in Germany for a few years and found most courses difficult to get on to.
  5. What's the golf scene like? The family and I will be moving to Belgium in August of '21. Research shows that memberships are somewhat reasonable.
  6. My recollection is 198-200 grams...
  7. 9015D, Tour BUL, 909H, TM wedge1st is an Adams 9015D 9.5 w/HOF Patriot Stiff; headcover included. $110 shipped. 2nd is an Adams Tour BUL 9.5 w/Harrison Saga 60S; headcover included. $50 shipped. 3rd is a Titleist 909H 15 w/Aldila Voodoo Stiff; headcover included. Pending sale to Titleist-Golfer. Wedge sold to crsmith1234! Thanks for looking.
  8. Here's the latest info... Nakoma Golf Resort near Graeagle is under new ownership and could open as early as June 1. The course, formerly known as the Dragon, had been in bankruptcy proceedings for nearly five years and was recently purchased by Schomac Group, Inc., which also owns the Feather River Inn. “My charge will be to bring Gold Mountain and the Nakoma Golf Resort back to where it can once again shine as a beacon in Plumas County,” Schomac Group Vice President David Beveridge said in a news release. ... http://www.rgj.com/section/blogs08?plckController=Blog&plckScript=blogScript&plckElementId=blogDest&plckBlogPage=BlogViewPost&plckPostId=Blog%3aab2bd514-9a67-4618-ae86-8b2f486c802cPost%3aac698bcc-dae4-43f6-b592-80ab4a0dea76&sid=sitelife.rgj.com
  9. Doesn't look like a BarbadosWatching the Shark Shootout and had previously read that he was using a Rife Barbados CS (golf.com), but head looked too small to be that. Could it be a center shafted mid mallet?
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