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  1. Hypergolf has great info above. I have only 3 putters, all 3 Bettinardi and bought used, after trying almost every putter I could find (40-50) over a season a couple years ago. A 2018 BB1, a 2018 BB39, and a 2016 Studio Stock 2 (this one I will NEVER get rid of, and may buy a backup eventually). I choose my gamer for each round based on where I’m playing or even sometimes my mood. I putt good (for me anyway) with all 3. All 3 are carbon steel and have the Superfly milling. The 303 Stainless feel different to me than the carbon, but in my opinion the type of milling has the
  2. I still play my set I bought in 2010 new. I still love them. I’ve been thinking about upgrading to get some more distance but every time I go check out the new clubs none of them look right to me. These clubs are just so solid. Considered buying a used set and putting some regular flex shafts in them since I feel like I’m losing some swing speed and my current ones have stiff shafts. Anyway, I still play them. Not as long as my buddies, but I know my distances with them and they are really forgiving.
  3. I’ve bought and eventually sold 3 Piretti’s. All 3 great putters but I just prefer my Bettinardi Studio Style 2. My distance control is much better with the Betti, usually finishing near the hole. The Piretti I always had a few putts that came up really short or blew it by the hole 6 feet. Not knocking Piretti, I’m sure if I’d stick with them I would have dialed them in, eventually. You asked about the Garsen grip though, and one thing I LOVED about the Piretti’s was that Garsen Quad Tour No Taper grip. It is now on my gamer Bettinardi Studio Style 2 and my Ping Karsten 59 Anser 2 I use in
  4. Okay thanks. I appreciate the info.
  5. Found this at a local goodwill, has a newer shaft on it, and the ferrule looks like it isn’t one that matches the hosel diameter. I am not close at all to an 8802 expert, and only bought this one because I’ve never seen one quite like it. Can someone tell me, is it authentic or is it a copy? It feels like a good forged piece, rather than cast. thanks!
  6. Well damn. I haven’t been on here in a while. 2 days ago I thought it might be a good idea to get a backup Bettinardi Studio Stock 2, (the one in bronze with the super fly milling and the hosel moved slightly forward), because after trying over 30 putters this year THIS one just feels RIGHT. Plus they don’t make it anymore. I had talked myself out of it, but then I get on here and this subject is like the 3rd post down. Guess it’s meant for me to get a backup lol.
  7. I have a Mizuno TP Mills tpm6 that feels as good, to me, as any Scotty, Bettinardi and Miura I’ve owned. I will be getting one of these!
  8. > @coach_harris1 said: > Authentic for sure. Thanks!
  9. > Pippi-12 was a steal, mint condition for $30. This is my travel, sandy greens, and wet weather putter, also finds duty on simulator rounds. Nice to see someone else have a dedicated wet weather/sandy or punched greens putter. I have a plain standard steel 90’s Anser 2 I bought at Goodwill for $2 that I break out for those conditions and my buddies always roll their eyes at me like I’m a dumbass. ? But I don’t care one bit!
  10. > @BYK said: > Good to go there Thanks! Appreciate the reply!
  11. > @kevinscott22 said: > Looks authentic to me. Would sell for a little over $200 probably Thank you, I got a decent deal then. Appreciate the reply!
  12. > @Jc0 said: > Real. Thank you! That’s what I was hoping to hear!
  13. Sorry mods, please move if you need to, thought I posted on the Deal or No Deal
  14. You all helped me out last time so generously and here I am needing help one more time. This looks real to me, the sticker is on the back of the shaft like it’s supposed to be, the headcover seems real and has the made exclusively for Titleist tag in it, and it appears authentic to me. HOWEVER, I have seen others that you all seem to know is fake right off the bat and I can’t tell any difference. So, does this look like a real Scotty to you all? Thanks!
  15. Got this awesome Bettinardi Studio Stock 2 about a month ago, used but almost mint. I love everything about it. The weight, the lines, the feel with the Superfly milling, and especially the plumbers neck that is moved just a smidge towards the toe to make it closer to a SBST suited stroke. Only played 3 times with it but my distance control is better than it has been in years with it. Hope the honeymoon phase is a long one!
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